Star Wars 8 Toy Hints At Meaning Of D.J.

Benicio Del Toro as DJ in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Funko Pop figure for Benicio del Toro's D.J. potentially hints at the meaning of that moniker. Over the spring, the enigmatic codebreaker was first unveiled to audiences, and writer/director Rian Johnson said he actually went nameless in the film, but is referred to as D.J. for a very specific reason. Fans have since speculated what that could possibly mean, while keeping track of any new information that comes out. Details about D.J. remain under wraps, but we do know he factors into Finn and Rose's secret mission on Canto Bight and has connections to Maz Kanata. He's also said to be somewhat untrustworthy.

Force Friday II has arrived, debuting the first wave of Last Jedi products for collectors to buy. While Johnson has assured people the toys do not contain any plot spoilers, that hasn't stopped viewers from analyzing the merchandise for possible clues. One fan who got their hands on the D.J. Funko and might have uncovered what the initials stand for.

Per Making Star Wars, Twitter user UgurB_M purchased the figure as part of a Force Friday II haul and translated the Aurebesh (a language unique to the Star Wars galaxy) phrase on D.J.'s hat. In English - or Basic, if you prefer - it reads "Don't join." What that is in reference to is a mystery that probably will not be solved until The Last Jedi comes out, but that won't stop another influx of Episode VIII theories.

"Don't join" could tie into D.J.'s status as a neutral party in the ongoing war between the Resistance and First Order. Though he is a friend of Maz's, John Boyega stated D.J. sees the conflict as an opportunity for tremendous financial gain and isn't too keen on seeing it end. His services could be available to any interested party, since the character is out only for himself and doesn't inherently care about one cause or another. It may also be a warning sign for Finn and Rose - a subtle clue about D.J.'s shady nature (i.e. don't form an allegiance with him). Newcomer Kelly Marie Tran recently discussed del Toro's performance, saying it was unpredictable and he felt like a "tiger in the room." Unfortunately, the Resistance does not have many options to turn to following the destruction of the Hosnian system, so they have to rely on someone like D.J. for help.

It'll be interesting to see how big a role D.J. plays in the film. Canto Bight remains shrouded in mystery for the time being, but it should be a key aspect of The Last Jedi considering Finn and Rose's mission is the main subplot of the picture (Rey and Luke, of course, is the "A" plot). Even if the Oscar-winning del Toro doesn't have the most screen time, that doesn't mean he won't leave a sizable impression on viewers. After all, Billy Dee Williams didn't show up until about the third act of The Empire Strikes Back and became a fan-favorite, so something similar could happen here.

Source: Making Star Wars

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