Rian Johnson Responds to Concerns of Star Wars Recycling Stories & Imagery

Last Jedi Poster

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has just taken to Twitter to respond to accusations of the franchise recycling stories and imagery from past entries in the long-running science fiction series. After joining the forthcoming motion picture production from chief distributor Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures with no plans for Episode VIII and Episode IX previously mapped out, Johnson's forthcoming entry in the larger Star Wars saga has been at the center of intense speculation and debate.

With many fans citing major plot reveals courtesy of an announced line of LEGO toys - and even more hype abounding following the release of the highly publicized Vanity Fair photo shoot - The Last Jedi is sure to be at the forefront of many moviegoers minds as we continue to tread ever closer to its December 2017 theatrical release. Nevertheless, some Star Wars fans might be worried that Episode VIII will recycle stories and images from past entries in the storied saga - as was sometimes the case with the preceding productions The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. To wit, Johnson has officially spoken out on his intention to satisfy everyone's expectations.

Taking to his personal Twitter account, Johnson took the time to respond to the query of a Star Wars fan who was specifically worried that The Last Jedi would fall prey to far too many recycled plot points and imagery. Speaking in defense of himself and the motion picture he has poured his heart and soul into, Johnson replied with the following post:

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