Star Wars 8 Director Reveals More Porg Facts

While most Star Wars fans are anticipating the return of Luke, Rey, and Chewie, among others, in The Last Jedia group of cuddly newcomers called Porgs may very well steal the show. And just in case creatures like Jar Jar Binks and the Ewoks left a bad taste in your mouth, Episode 8 director Rian Johnson has dropped a few details regarding who these puppy dog-eyed puffins actually are.

Information about the Porgs was previously released via their toy descriptions (in addition to Johnson's information, they also "flock about the rocks and roost in the cliffs"), but more recently, the director offered up additional details while personally responding to a fan suffering from a depressive episode.

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You can read Johnson's Twitter response to the fan below:

They are sea birds. Their coloring varies. Males are slightly larger than females. They can fly short distances. They're inquisitive.

— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) September 13, 2017

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that he would happily respond to a curious fan, as Johnson himself is a self-professed fanboy. During the scriptwriting phase of The Last Jedi, Johnson specifically honed in on what he believed his "inner fan" would want to see in a Star Wars film. He said: “The first thing I kind of realized was, I have to trust, kind of, my inner fan. If it resonates with me, I have to trust that."


The Star Wars universe is no stranger to playful, if not outlandish, creatures, and it seems as though the only real significant difference between the Porgs and something like Ewoks or Wookies is the fact that they can fly (for a bit, at least). But the more intriguing detail has to do with their inquisitiveness. Could that particular character quirk hint at them helping Luke and Rey make a significant discovery at some point? Or is that just an indication that they're unashamed pests?

Lucasfilm even went one step further in terms of dropping information regarding the Porgs, elaborating on various quirks and traits that audiences should expect. According to Lucasfilm Story Group's Pablo Hidalgo, via the official Star Wars site, Porgs are more taken by, than scared of, Rey, Chewie, and R2-D2 after they show up in the Millennium Falcon on their native planet, Ahch-To. He also mentions their "deep, soulful eyes," which are guaranteed to reel parents in come the holiday season once kids inevitably add plush Porgs to their top of their Christmas wish-lists.

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Source: Rian Johnson (via io9)

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