Star Wars 8 May Get Behind-The-Scenes Reel At D23

Fans are itching for another Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, but may have to settle for a behind-the-scenes reel at D23 for now. Ever since the very first trailer dropped for The Last Jedi, Star Wars enthusiasts have been trying to figure out when they could see more from the latest installment in a galaxy far, far away. The wait has been tolerable thanks to the amount of information that has continued to come out. Promotional and behind-the-scenes photos have helped lead the charge, but have yet to offer up anything substantially new.

As D23 is just around the corner, rumors of the next trailer coming heated up when it was reportedly classified - just in time for the convention or San Diego Comic-Con. This started to look even more likely after it was revealed The Last Jedi won't have a presence at SDCC. Well, the latest report suggests a trailer is farther off in the distance - but D23 will still provide some new footage.

While the official new trailer may be out of the question, Steven Weintraub of Collider shared on Twitter that Disney may bring a behind-the-scenes reel for The Last Jedi to D23 instead. This follows suit with how Disney and Lucasfilm have operated in the past as both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story saw BTS reels released in July (at SDCC and Celebration respectively).

Releasing the behind-the-scenes reel for The Last Jedi should help fulfill the appetite of the Star Wars community for the time being, but will simply be the appetizer for what is still to come. If this turns out to be true, fans should not be expecting any significant reveals to come from the footage that's shown, as similar reels from before provided mostly just cool imagery.

This decision to leave a new trailer out of D23 does make it unclear what exactly the Star Wars section of the event will focus on. Considering all the drama happening with Han Solo following the departure of Lord and Miller, it is not expected to be featured during the presentation time. The possible BTS reel will give The Last Jedi some presence, but hardly have the punch that these events are capable of having. Barring some unexpected announcements about the next anthology film, it could wind up being a relatively quiet time for Star Wars.

Even though some fans may feel like it has been an unbearable wait between now and the first trailer, but in reality, it has only been a few months. With Disney not having another release until Thor: Ragnarok and Coco in November, they may be looking to wait until the summer movie season has died down before putting this marketing campaign into high gear.

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Source: Steven Weintraub

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