Star Wars 8: Ahch-To Sea Creature Revealed

A fan's rendering of a new creature from Star Wars: The Last Jedi gives viewers a look at one of the indigenous beings from the planet Ahch-To. The remote world, which houses the first Jedi Temple, first appeared in the last scene of The Force Awakens as Rey found exiled Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. It was only glanced at in those final moments, but the location is going to play a much more integral role in Episode VIII as Rey begins her formal Force training. Most of what is on the planet remains under wraps for the time being, though it has been confirmed he's living in an old Jedi village alongside caretaker creatures - which may or may not be the bird-like porgs that call Ahch-To home.

With Luke not in complete isolation, time will tell what else is on the breathtaking world. From the sound of things, Skywalker and Rey will be embarking on a quest across Ahch-To, meaning they could run into all kinds of animals and aliens along the way. Thanks to sketches, moviegoers already have an idea of what the porgs will look like, and now an unknown sea creature has been revealed.

Appearing on Star Wars News Net, the drawing by artist Eli Hyder depicts a mysterious beast perched on a rocky cliffside, looking out towards the water. The picture is based on photographs SWNN obtained. Additional details are that it is presumably brought to life via practical effects, with the puppet (which can hold full-size humans to operate) being roughly 9-feet tall. You can take a look at it for yourself below:

One thing that's currently unknown is how this creature factors into the plot. Previous speculation suggested Rey would battle a sea monster as part of her training, so conceivably this could be her opponent. However, given that it is allegedly a puppet with limited mobility, it seems unlikely it would be used for an extensive action sequence. A more plausible scenario is the creature being used to just fill out the scenery to make Ahch-To feel more "real" for the audience. Dagobah was a swamp world populated by a plethora of lizard and snake-type beings, so it would only make sense for Ahch-To to have more than one or two types of aliens. Rey may very well be tested by a threatening creature, but it could be something that we haven't seen yet.

While this admittedly isn't the juiciest update about Star Wars 8, it's still nice to see more of Ahch-To get fleshed out. Many fans were curious about the planet after its brief cameo in Episode VII, so there will be much excitement to explore it further in The Last Jedi. A sizable chunk of the film should take place on that world as moviegoers get reacquainted with Luke, adding to the already rich mythology of the Star Wars galaxy.

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Source: Star Wars News Net

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