Star Wars 7 Comes To Netflix in 2016 (Only in Canada)

Star Wars 7 Netflix by Rob Keyes

As the third trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens released last week so to did the first tickets for the film available for pre-order, an event that set viewing records while simultaneously breaking the websites of most theater chains and major movie ticket retailers.

Fans want to know when and where they can watch Star Wars 7 and they want to know now. With that in mind there are already headlines being made on the in-home release plans of the film, specifically relating to the Netflix streaming service.

Even though Star Wars 7 comes out at the tail end of 2015, the film will be available on Netflix in 2016... but only in Canada. At least for now. Variety reports that Canada is the only region Netflix has been able to secure The Force Awakens rights and it all has to do with timing of contracts. At the moment and until the end of 2015 in the U.S., Starz has the exclusive with Disney so Netflix's partnership with Disney in the U.S. will not begin until next year. What that means is because Star Wars 7 releases in December 2015, Starz is the pay-TV channel for the film in the U.S.. In Canada however, the Disney-Netflix agreement began in 2015, hence the force is strongest in that country.

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