Star Wars 7: What's Up With The New Crossguard Lightsaber?

Star Wars 7 - Crossguard Lightsaber

On Friday, Disney and Lucasfilm took the entertainment world by storm. On what normally is a holiday of consumerism in North America, Star Wars fans were given their very first official look at footage from Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens in the form of a short teaser trailer that played in select theaters on Black Friday.

Focusing on new characters and familiar starships, the 88-second Star Wars 7 teaser had us feeling happily nostalgic even if some fans took issue with certain design decisions highlighted in the sizzle reel (read our analysis here). And no, we're not talking about the soccer ball droid that was actually a homage to an idea from original concept artist Ralph McQuarrie; we're talking about that unique new lightsaber that polarized fans and spawned endless memes in just a matter of hours.

Note: the below discussion is an in-depth discussion and breakdown of what we know about the lightsaber and is in response to questions, comments and requests from readers about it since it was trending on Friday. If you're not ready to get geeky with Star Wars with us on this topic, this post isn't for you.

The original Star Wars trilogy kept things simple on the melee weapon front. The Jedi used green and blue single-blade weapons, and the Sith used red lightsabers. The color is determined by a crystal inside the blade hilt and the construction of the ancient weapon is an important step on any force-sensitive trainee's journey to becoming a Jedi Knight or Sith warrior. There's endless lore in the video games, books and other expanded universe multimedia (which is officially not canon) for future Star Wars films to pull ideas from on that front.

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