Deleted Star Wars 7 Scene Highlights Carrie Fisher & Leia's Witty Charm

A newly surfaced deleted scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens highlights the wit and strength Carrie Fisher brought to Leia Organa.

General Leia Organa Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens

Yesterday, the entire world was saddened when actress, writer, famed script doctor, icon, and mental health advocate Carrie Fisher died following a heart attack she experienced during a transatlantic flight at the end of last week. Millions of fans, as well as her close friends and famous admirers have all taken to social media to express their sadness over Fisher's passing, and to honor her achievements and the undeniable impact she left on the world throughout her life.

Just last year even, Fisher reminded Star Wars fans everywhere of what it was she brought to the cinematic universe in the first place when she reprised her role as Leia Organa once again in The Force Awakens. Reuniting with Harrison Ford as Han Solo as well as many others, Fisher was tasked with some of the most emotional scenes in the film, and she was just as strong, caring, and intelligent as the character in it as she had been in the Original Trilogy.

Many argued that they would have liked to have seen more of Leia in the film, though, and following Fisher's death yesterday, a deleted scene from The Force Awakens was published on YouTube from the film's 3D Collector's Edition Blu Ray and has been the source of quite a bit of attention. Understandably so too, since it prominently features Leia being just as witty and fierce as fans lovingly remember her as being. Check it out for yourself above.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Leia (Carrie Fisher)

The scene itself shows Leia pressuring one of the Resistance soldiers, the same was who was seen briefly before the Republic's destruction, to convince the Republic to take action against the First Order. When asked if the Republic will even go for it, Leia replies, "Not all the senators think I'm insane. Or maybe they do. I don't care," in a way that only she truly could, and would have made for a nice inclusion in the film's theatrical version.

It was likely left on the cutting room floor, however, because of where it would have had to fit into the film's story, which would have meant that Leia would need to be introduced sometime before the destruction of Maz's palace, and might have felt like an odd place, pacing-wise for her introduction to be made apart from all the rest of the film's lead characters. At the same time, the fact that the scene was even released at all makes it a nice treat for Star Wars fans everywhere, and it's the perfect encapsulation of not only everything that made Leia as a character so great and memorable, but what Fisher brought to the role as well.

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Source: THR

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