Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is going to come blasting out of its veil of secrecy soon, with a full Disney-funded marketing campaign leading up to the Christmas 2015 release date. That means loads of tie-in merchandising to go along with the trailers, posters, TV commercials, and film itself.

DISCLAIMER: We get that toys don’t necessarily count as official reveals of a film’s details; at the same time, we also know that tie-in merchandise isn’t crafted randomly: it is supposed to actually tie into the movie, and therefore is often made to be in synch with the designs and events of the film. Just food for thought when looking at the images below.


Star Wars 7 Finn Trading Card Star Wars: 7 Character Costume Art Echoes Original Trilogy

The image of the supposed Star Wars toy set (found at Chinese Star Wars Forum – via /Film) fits in line with recently revealed names of new characters played by the likes of John Boyega and Daisy Ridley – not to mention the mysterious figure wielding that cross-guard lightsaber in the Star Wars Episode VII trailer.

For a refresher here are the names:

  • John Boyega is playing Finn.
  • Daisy Ridley is playing Rey.
  • Oscar Isaac is playing Poe Dameron.
  • The soccer ball droid is called BB-8.
  • The cross guard lightsaber-wielding Sith is named Kylo Ren.


Star Wars 7 Kylo Ren Trading Card Star Wars: 7 Character Costume Art Echoes Original Trilogy

The toy art and Kylo Ren concept art (via Indierevolver) reveals that the new villain is indeed very Darth Vader-esque with the face mask costume – and that’s not necessarily a complaint, since his helmet generally does look badass.

All in all, the costumes for Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren were almost direct echoes of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in the Original Trilogy. Finn has the puffy, rugged clothes and vest combo of a hard-scrabble pilot type; Rey has the samurai-style robed look of a Jedi (or soon-to-be Jedi); while Kylo Ren, as stated, has a Darth Vader look that is admittedly crossed with like an imperial guard with a dash of bounty hunter. Interesting designs all around.

chewbacca star wars episode 7 Star Wars: 7 Character Costume Art Echoes Original Trilogy

Another interesting note from the toy art is that of Chewbacca; in the toy art he looks like good ol’ Chewie, but in some earlier artwork leaked from the film showed the Wookie with both a normal and bionic version of his right arm. The toy version also looks like flesh and fur arm – could Chewie suffer a significant wound during the events of Force Awakens?

FINAL DISCLAIMER: This is all just grain-of-salt speculation and unofficial material right now. But we should learn a lot more in 2015 as the film gets closer and closer to release.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will be in theaters on December 18, 2015.

Sources: IndierevolverChinese Star Wars Forum via /Film)

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