All The New Star Wars Toys Revealed at Toy Fair 2017

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This weekend saw the opening of the 2017 Toy Fair in New York - an annual trade event where the giants of the toy and collectible industry gather to show off their latest products. Star Wars is, unsurprisingly, heavily featured in new toy lines, especially as this year marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Hasbro has already revealed a new Star Wars Monopoly game and lightsaber, as well as a sneak peek at a few of the anniversary edition figurines.

Now, Hasbro has given us a look at the rest of the 40th anniversary line, that recreates the original toy line created back in 1977.

These new retro-style Black Series figures are displayed in an updated version of the classic Kenner style, and feature the original characters. C3P0, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke Sywalker, a Jawa, Obi Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, R5D4, R2D2, a Sand Person, a Death Star Commander, and a Stormtrooper were all displayed at the event. The figures measure six inches high, and will retail for $19.99 later this spring. Take a look in the gallery below:

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Kenner's original 'Early Bird Certificate' has also been re-created for the toy line, with a 'flip side' that features background art, designed to be displayed behind the figurine. These certificates were originally created to encourage pre-ordering, allowing fans (and parents) to own something for display before they were able to get their hands on the action figures themselves.

We love seeing such a perfect homage being paid to the first ever line of Star Wars toys, and this is the perfect way to do it. These will certainly not be as collectable as the original toys, but they are still a phenomenal addition to a Star Wars collection, and the inclusion of various smaller/background characters is a nice touch that really captures every scene of the original movie in the collection. We're also sure that the Princess Leia figures will be especially in demand, following the sad passing of Carrie Fisher at the end of last year. These are not the only potential additions to the Star Wars galaxy this year, either. As well as any number of toys inspired by the more recent films, there is the possibility that A New Hope will be getting a 4K restoration for this massive anniversary event.

Fans of the recent movies may be disappointed that this new Black Series only includes the original characters from A New Hope, but we are sure that they will find plenty of figures in other collections to satisfy. We would also love to see if there will be more backgrounds on the reverse of the Early Bird Certificates to match other figurines (the one revealed at the Toy Fair is matched to Darth Vader), although these are sure to be revealed once the collection is available for purchase.

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Source: Hasbro

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