Star Wars: 15 Characters Who Need An Anthology Movie

Han Solo Movie Cast Photo cropped

For those who thought we had seen the last of George Lucas’ Star Wars when the prequel trilogy wrapped in 2005, it was likely a shock when the third trilogy of films was announced in 2012 after Disney took over the franchise. Lucas had always downplayed the idea of Episode VII onwards, and yet here we are, eagerly anticipating The Last Jedi.

Now, with the studio planning even more films up until 2030, the end of the galaxy is far, far away. An even bigger surprise was the success of Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which wowed critics back in 2016. We also know that there will be a Han Solo solo film and an (as of yet) unannounced third anthology film.

It seems that going “rogue” was the right decision, while hopes run even higher as we watch Alden Ehrenreich stick on the vest and become Han Solo. From Vader to Ventress, Jar Jar to Jabba, here are Star Wars: 15 Characters Who Need An Anthology Movie.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi in Exile
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15 Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan Kenobi in Exile

Firstly, and most obviously, everyone is waiting for an Obi-Wan film. Fans of Star Wars are expecting an announcement of a Ben Kenobi solo film any day now.

We already know that Kenobi exiled himself on Tatooine after the events of Revenge of the Sith. Alec Guinness was superb in the role back in 1977, but Ewan McGregor’s more rebellious take in the prequel films took the character much further.

Although the Star Wars Expanded Universe was discounted from canon in 2014, the novel Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi was Kenobi-centric. A film could follow the same line of the novel, tracing Obi-Wan across the galaxy as he searches for Jedi Apprentice Ferus Olin on the troubled planet of Bellassa. Picture Obi-Wan hopping from planet to planet, helping those in need, but still hiding from the Empire.

McGregor has said he would love to play the part again, and at the age of 46, there are a fair few years until he reaches the age Guinness was when he played the part. We just have to keep our eyes peeled on the upcoming slate, but this one is a good bet.

14 Saw Gerrera

Rogue One - Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera

Forest Whitaker was announced for Rogue One as Saw Gerrera, a fan-favorite character introduced in the Clone Wars series. However, his brief role in the film felt a little lackluster, making us wonder whether Lucasfilm are saving him for another outing.

Rogue One takes place some 20 years after Saw’s Clone Wars appearance, so an anthology film could neatly tie the two worlds together. We demand to know what happened to Saw and how he got his Vader-esque appearance for Rogue One. What's more, Kathleen Kennedy has already teased Saw's appearance in other projects, though she didn't confirm he'd get a whole film to himself.

Whitaker has also expressed an interest in returning to the role, so let’s get the wheels turning. His death in Rogue One seemed pretty final, so we would have to visit a younger Saw to find out more.

Saw appeared in the third season of Star Wars Rebels, where the Rebellion lost contact with his squad when they were investigating Geonosis. The crew of the freighter, Ghost, are sent in on a rescue mission to bring saw back, which is enough of a story on its own. Like Rogue One, we could imagine a Saw film involving a doomed mission where anyone is expendable and he barely escapes alive.

13 Nightsisters

Mother Talzin in Star Wars the Clone Wars

While Star Wars tends to focus on the male villains, let's not forget the Nightsisters. We all know Darth Maul, the horned Dathomirian from The Phantom Menace, but what about his family? A trip to Dathomir would be a dark and grisly exploration of a new world and a horror-based anthology film.

The Nightsisters tapped into the magical ichor that flowed beneath the planet’s surface and harnessed what they called “magick.” The Sisters could create objects from nothing, turn people into ghostly visions, and even reanimate the dead. These powers put them on an almost level playing field with the Sith.

A Nightsisters movie could follow Mother Talzin and her sisterhood of witches. The clan are also responsible for the formidable bounty hunter Asaaj Ventress - a Nightsister-turned-Sith apprentice who was betrayed by Count Dooku.

With their stone fortress, the vast swamplands, and the gothic tone of the source material, Nightsisters would certainly make for a dark, female-led spin-off film. 

12 Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis Star Wars Sith

Heading way back before the days of Vader and Luke, just who is Darth Plagueis?

Despite rumors that Plagueis was actually Supreme Leader Snoke, that theory has been royally debunked. That doesn’t mean there isn't more to tell about the most powerful Sith in the galaxy.

As the master of Darth Sidious, it was reported that Plagueis had such a command over midi-chlorians, he could actually save his loved ones from dying. It is ultimately this goal which drove Anakin’s dark desire and foolish case to save Padme.

In accordance with the “Rule of Two,” after learning all he could from his master, Sidious murdered Plagueis and began training Darth Maul. We don’t necessarily need another film that charts Sidious and his rise from Senator Palpatine to Emperor, but one looking at his younger days could work.

The 2012 novel Darth Plagueis may no longer be in official canon, but it could easily be adapted into a feature film and follow a new look at the relationship between master and student. Plagueis was one of the most dangerous characters in the Star Wars universe, so shouldn't we get a closer look?

11 Mace Windu

Mace Windu Purple Lightsaber Attack Palpatine

To be honest, Samuel L. Jackson could act in anything and it would probably deserve a spin-off, but his tenure as Mace Windu in the prequel trilogy was pure cinematic gold. The no-nonsense Jedi Master may have played second fiddle to a younger Yoda, but with his neon-purple lightsaber and typical Jackson sass, he was a shining star of the series.

Fans were rightly a little peeved when Windu was blasted out of a window to his death in Revenge of the Sith, with some conspiracists refusing to believe his demise. Even George Lucas weighed in on the issue and confirmed, yes, Windu is still aliveJackson himself has repeatedly said he would love to play Windu again.

Filling in the gaps in his story, a Windu film would surely explain his miraculous survival and where he has been since Order 66 was put into place.

Similar to Luke visiting Yoda on Dagobah, Windu could have been in hiding and trained his own elite team of Jedi for a rainy day. It may seem implausible that no one has noticed that there is a skilled Jedi Master lurking in their neighborhood, but the fact that we now know that Windu is still alive demands that the story gets a proper conclusion.

10 Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars Rebels: Ahsoka Tano With Her White Lightsabers

The colorful Ahsoka Tano has rocketed to fan-favorite status thanks to her time in the Star Wars Rebels series, however, there are still substantial gaps in Tano’s story that could be filled by her own spin-off.Mainly, how does she feel after the deaths of her master Plo Koon, her friend Padme, and all the younglings? As the student of Anakin Skywalker, Tano must have some stories to tell about the man who became Darth Vader.

An Ahsoka film could pick up a number of stories. There was her and Anakin’s dramatic rescue of Jabba the Hutt’s son, or the time she was framed for the bombing of the Jedi Temple and forced to flee into the underworld. Tano famously allied with her longtime foe Asajj Ventress and was put on trial by Wilhuff Tarkin. Flashbacks could establish her backstory being discovered by Koon on Shili. 

Ahsoka's fate is currently hanging in the balance on Rebels, but there must be more life for her in the show and in the expanded universe. By founding the entire rebellion with Bail Organa, Ahsoka has more than earned her own film. There is even the perfect actress for the role in an eager Rosario Dawson!

9 Boba Fett

Boba Fett in Return Of The Jedi

Remember, we have nearly been here before. Just moments away from Disney announcing a Boba Fett anthology film, the panned reviews of Josh Trank’s Fan4stic scuppered the director’s plans to join the anthology films.

It is odd that Boba Fett became so popular in the original trilogy, where he barely had any lines and ended up losing his life thanks to a dodgy jetpack. However, outside the main universe, Boba crawled out of the Sarlacc Pit and became much more effective at his job - though this has yet to appear in the main canon and so would be hard to incorporate into a spin-off.

However, you could easily focus on Boba’s younger years, watching his metamorphosis from Daniel Logan’s portrayal in Attack of the Clones to the head of a bounty hunter syndicate on Tatooine. The Clone Wars animation has given us plenty of backstory to Boba and even revealed how he got that famous dent in his helmet. Seeing Boba and the cowboy-esque Cad Bane have their own spaghetti western standoff sounds like Hollywood gold.

Who knows if we will ever get this one, but let's be honest, the rumors have been so persistent. Has a Boba Fett film ever really gone away?

8 Darth Maul

Star Wars Darth Maul Comic Marvel

Darth Maul came onto our screens in The Phantom Menace in 1999 and Star Wars hasn’t looked back since. While Maul seemingly perished in the film’s finale - chopped in half and dropped down a shaft - the character went on to much greater things in comic book form.

A spin-off could chart Maul's younger days on Dathomir, but most people are interested in what happened to him after The Phantom MenaceIt turns out that Maul conveniently managed to survive his long fall in Naboo and ended up on the junkyard world of Lotho Minor. Here, Maul had his bottom half replaced by six robotic legs to give him a spider-like appearance until a maddened Maul was discovered by Savage.

After his mind was repaired, and he was given a shiny pair of legs, Maul set out to get his revenge on Obi-Wan, even forming his own criminal army known as the Shadow Collective. 

With a film fuelled by rage and revenge, it would certainly be a dark route to take an anthology film and a risky move to take. However, with so many continuing comic book titles about the character, Maul cannot be overlooked.

7 Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma in Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Just like Boba Fett, so much promise and so much went wrong. We already know that Captain Phasma will be getting her own comic line in September that will lead into The Last Jedi, so it is clear that the Star Wars universe is anything but done with the chrome-plated captain.

After rising to prominence thanks to her role as Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones, many had expected Gwendoline Christie's casting as Phasma to be something more than it was. We demand to know what terrible things Phasma has done under General Hux and Supreme Leader Snoke to rise to her prestigious rank. However, her title is actually a little underwhelming - as the commander of the entire Stormtrooper army, surely there is a story there?

Whether Christie will actually ever remove her shiny helmet is a mystery, but just like an adult Boba Fett, some of us hope she keeps the mystery. Unfortunately though, you can’t see a Phasma film without finding out who is really under there.

Ultimately a spin-off would depend on how the comic book fares and how Christie’s role is expanded for The Last Jedi, but she has the makings of an incredibly interesting character with fan-favorite potential.

6 Qui-Gon Jinn

Star Wars - Qui Gon Jinn

Liam Neeson was perfection as the stoic mentor to McGregor's Obi-Wan, while his death at the end of The Phantom Menace is one of the most talked about deaths in the franchise. The movie may have divided critics, but there is no denying that Qui-Gon was brilliant and one of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy.

With his story neatly wrapping with Episode I, some might ask, “do we really need a Qui-Gon sequel?” Well, Count Dooku may not warrant a whole film to himself, but as the master of Qui-Gon, an anthology film could bring both of them back to our screens and expand the story. You could also follow the year that Jinn and Kenobi spent on Mandalore during its civil war; here they protected Duchess Satine Kryze from a variety of hitmen.

Another interesting avenue was Jinn’s belief in transferring his consciousness after death and his travels to the Wellspring of Life - thought to be the birthplace of the Force. Although Jinn only returned once after his death to Obi-Wan and Anakin, it still means we could “technically” have a film set after The Phantom Menace.

Most importantly though, a Jinn solo would smoothly lead into the Obi-Wan movie.

5 Tarkin

Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: A New Hope

What is a Grand Moff and how do you become one? We need a Tarkin film to find out more. Even Carrie Fisher said that even the character of Tarkin intimidated her, so let’s give him the film he deserves.

Wilhuff Tarkin is nothing new to Star Wars, not only portrayed by Peter Cushing in the original trilogy but also getting a brief cameo in Revenge of the Sith and a larger role in Rogue One. The evil trifecta of Vader, Palpatine, and Tarkin were the galaxy’s most formidable foes and yet we still know so little about Tarkin.

With brutal cunning, Tarkin had a no-holds-barred approach to rising through the ranks of the military. He memorably defeated the Q'anah's Marauders and launched the crew on a slow course into the sun while broadcasting their fate over comms. However, the perfect Tarkin tale would revolve around his capture by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the subsequent rescue.

The other aspect that needs exploring is the Anakin/Vader and Tarkin relationship. While another Vader film might seem like overkill, the chance to see the pair bonding on their rise to Death Star days would be the perfect legacy to Cushing’s character.

4 Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos in Star Wars Republic

We have already discussed the benefits of a bounty hunter movie, but how about a film that takes elements of that and a gritty noir detective story? What may sound like complete madness could actually be a box office bounty ready for collecting.

Quinlan Vos is the dreadlocked Jedi who lived during the final days of the Galactic Republic. Vos was a tearaway maverick - we all know how Star Wars loves one of them. With his storylines usually taking him into the slums of the criminal underworld, a Quinlan film could easily cross over with several other anthology films and visit well-known locations and characters of the main series. In particular, Vos is remembered for the arc where he teamed-up with Obi-Wan to track down the Hutt crime lord Ziro and visit the Hutt homeworld. 

Elsewhere, how about a Quinlan movie that focuses on his failed assassination attempt of Count Dooku or his brief foray into the dark side.  With the ability to see someone’s memories simply by touching an object they have come into contact with, Vos has a unique premise that would easily carry his own film. More than anything though, Quinlan has humor and a heart - essential Star Wars film fodder.

3 Wedge Antilles

Star Wars Wedge Antilles

How does Wedge Antilles survive every big battle of the Star Wars universe and still live to tell another wild tale? After battling two Death Stars, the icy terrain of Hoth, and numerous other battles, Antilles certainly has the war credentials for an action-packed anthology film.

Denis Lawson played the pilot in Lucas' original trilogy, but the role has since expanded to be much more than just the leader of Rogue Squadron. Despite little backstory or focus on his achievements, Wedge remains the accomplished pilot who is always there to save the day.

Wedge could star in a film in which anyone is expendable, in a similar vein to Rogue One. The criticism of Rogue One is that a lot of it took place on the ground, so think of a Wedge squadron film.

There is also plenty of source material to go off - in the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy, Wedge had more than enough to do when establishing a new unit called Phantom Squadron. Antilles and his crack team engaged in battle during the Battle of Jakku and helped end the Empire.

2 Leia

Star Wars New Hope Princess Leia Holding Gun

If it is good enough for Han, why isn't it good enough for Leia?  A Leia spin-off could also focus on the princess' younger years.

Despite her cameo in Rogue One, we still haven't seen Leia’s life on Alderaan. Jimmy Smits seems more than happy to reprise his role of Bail Organa, but where are the rest of the royal family? 

From loading stolen plans into R2-D2 to standing defiantly against the galaxy’s scariest villain, we need to know where Leia's spirit comes from. We have already seen Lucasfilm willing to take a risk on young Han, so let’s hairspray those famous buns and get Leia rolling.

The biggest plus point of a Leia film comes from her female-first angle as one of cinema’s greatest heroines, alongside the likes of Patty Jenkins' upcoming Wonder Woman. Also, with the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher, a Leia film would be a fitting tribute to the woman who played the role for nearly 40 years.

1 Jabba The Hutt

Jabba the Hutt with a Rodian in Star Wars A New Hope

Unfortunately, the Outer Rim of Star Wars still remains relatively unexplored. The Outer Rim has one rather famous celebrity who stands up against the likes of Vader, Ren, and Palpatine - Jabba the Hutt.

As the de facto leader of the Desilijic-Hutt Cartel, Jabba and his extended family could easily hold up an entire Hutt series as the biggest crime syndicate of the Outer Rim.

Hutt himself is so important to canon that Lucas even went back and added him into the Special Edition of A New Hope. What’s more, this movie might as well already be in progress. Guillermo del Toro has reportedly met with the likes of Kathleen Kennedy and pitched his own Godfather-esque trilogy of Jabba films!

We already saw a younger and more energetic Jabba in The Phantom Menace, but who wouldn’t want to watch Jabba’s rise to the top as Vito Corleone? Currently, Jabba is remembered for that gold bikini and his anticlimactic barge death from Return of the Jedi. Strangled by Leia and presumably plunging into the Sarlacc pit, the slug was well and truly salted. However, Jabba of the expanded universe is more than just intergalactic space-blob and it is about time he got the respect he deserves.


Which Star Wars character do you most want to see in their own anthology movie? Let us know in the comments!

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