Star Wars 10 Can Still Happen - Just Without The Skywalkers

Star Wars 10 Can Start A New Saga

Star Wars: Episode IX is ending the Skywalker Saga and, with it, the family lineage (assuming Kylo does indeed die). However, that’s no reason that Star Wars: Episode X can’t happen. Star Wars is, at its core, a space opera inspired by multi-part serials like Flash Gordon. That means it can absolutely keep telling more stories in the galaxy, and move on past the Skywalkers. This is something the Sequel Trilogy itself has already started doing: the main hero isn’t someone with the name Skywalker, but Rey, a nobody without a surname.

In The Last Jedi, Yoda tells Luke: “We are what they grow beyond.” It applies to the master/student dynamic, but also the Skywalkers themselves. Rian Johnson quite deliberately tried to move the saga away from that one family - through Rey’s parentage, but also the importance of Rose to the plot, and the final shot of ‘Broom Boy’, all of which was telling us that there’s much more to this universe then the Skywalker clan. Johnson will be exploring this further in his own trilogy, which will be a brand new series in an unexplored piece of the timeline, unconnected to the main saga. The same goes for Benioff and Weiss’ trilogy too, which is reportedly set during the Old Republic. While this does, in a loose sense, have a little more connection to what we’ve seen before, it’s still new characters and a new setting for the big screen, and again sans Skywalkers.

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Since they’re already doing this, then it’s easy to do with the Episodes as well. It’s the same approach, just with added hype and expectation that comes with a numbered Star Wars movie. That could be further movies with Rey, Finn, and Poe, all of whom are still young enough that there’ll be plenty more stories to tell with them. Anakin and Luke’s stories both spanned more than one trilogy, so it’s entirely feasible theirs could too. Or it could even be with their descendants, each starting their own families than can branch further and further out, giving a broader lineage to play with.

Where Else We Can See Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Heroes

Even if Star Wars Episode X doesn’t happen, and we don’t see Rey, Finn, and Poe again on the big screen, it’s certainly not going to be the end of their journeys. Star Wars has long been far more than just the movies, and that’s something Disney has continued to push since purchasing Lucasfilm back in 2012. There are already comics, novels, and video games featuring the Sequel Trilogy characters, and we can probably expect many more to come. We’ve already seen a comic devoted to Poe Dameron, for example, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to get ones that tell us more about Rey and Finn too.

Then there’s Disney Plus, for which a number of live-action Star Wars TV shows are in the works. First up is The Mandalorian, which will be followed by a Cassian Andor series. There have been plenty of rumors about what else we might see, but it’s not too much of a stretch to think we could see these characters again in some kind of Disney Plus show. Failing that, there’s also the animated side of things too: again, we’ve already seen Rey and Poe in this format, thanks to Forces Of Destiny and Star Wars Resistance respectively. That’s another area that will continue to grow.

Put simply, there is a multitude of different mediums where Disney can continue these stories, and Star Wars Episode IX isn’t the end. But it’d also be no surprise if, even without the Skywalkers, we do one day get Episode X as well.

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