Exclusive: Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 4 Premiere Clip

Star vs the Forces of Evil

A first look at Disney Channel's Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 4 premiere has been released. Created by Daron Nefcy, the Emmy-winning show became Disney XD's most viewed animated series premiere when it arrived in 2015. It's been praised for its zany writing, electrifying art style, and feminist overtones, and has featured notable voice acting talents, including Alan Tudyk (Doom Patrol), Jenny Slate (Big Mouth), and Yvette Nicole Brown (Community). Last month, Disney announced that the show would be ending with season 4.

The third season concluded with ambiguity around Star Butterfly 's (Eden Sher) future as the Princess of Mewni, after her mother Queen Moon disappeared following a battle with Star's nemesis Meteora aka. Miss Heinous. After Meteora's mother and Star's distant ancestor Queen Eclipsa was revived from a state of cryogenesis, it was revealed that Meteora was denied the throne of Mewni for being half monster. She was replaced by an adopted peasant girl, leading to Star's revelation that she's not technically a princess at all. Nevertheless, she engaged in a final battle with a rampaging Meteora, and was saved when Eclipsa managed to turn her daughter back into an infant. Star then gave the Butterfly family wand to Eclipsa as an act of reparation for her family's usurpation of the throne. She is presumably the acting queen until her mother is found.

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Screen Rant has an exclusive clip and photos from season 4's two-part premiere, which airs Sunday, March 10. The episodes will air back-to-back with Tony Hale (Arrested Development) guest starring. Check out the clip and the episode descriptions below:

Disney confirms that the premiere will focus on Star, Marco (Adam McArthur), and Star's father King River (Tudyk) tracking down the kingdom's missing matriarch. As the clip suggests, River appears to have run into tribulations with the "Pie Folks" before. However, Star's propensity to jump into action first and devise a plan later will in all probability spark chaos as the trio fights to bring the family back together.

Once Queen Moon presumably does return, the final season appears to be culminating towards a showdown between Mewni and the realm's monsters. Eclipsa was last seen about to revive her monster lover, and Meteora's father Globgor, possibly foreshadowing an attempted coup. While Star poured her energy into trying to break down social barriers between Mewni and monsters throughout the third season, her attempts ended with monsters facing more discrimination and mistreatment from the kingdom. Queen Moon, whose mother was killed by a monster, has also been shown to uphold prejudicial beliefs, once implying that only educated monsters with social status don't pose a threat.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 4 Exclusive Photo - Eclipsa, MARCO, STAR
Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 4 Exclusive Photo - MARCO, STAR
Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 4 Exclusive Photo - MARCO, STAR, King River

Despite its inane theme song and juvenile subject matter, Star vs. the Forces of Evil has carefully woven a narrative about unlearning intolerance, positive self expression, and defying cartoon heroes vs mutant bad guy tropes. Its final run is sure to be its most emotional.

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 4 premieres March 10th on Disney XD/Disney Channel.

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