Star Trek's Strongest Female Leads, Ranked

One of the best aspects of the Star Trek franchise is the large number of strong female characters. Throughout the numerous television series, movies, video games, comics, and books, fans have enjoyed several women who easily stand as the most prominent in all of science fiction, whether they were captains or members of the crew.

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With so many strong women to choose from, which could possibly be considered the strongest lead in the franchise? To determine that, they’ve been ranked based on their accomplishments and standing in the franchise to determine once and for all which female lead is the strongest in the Star Trek franchise!

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Number One is one of the first female officers seen in any Star Trek series. She was featured in the first pilot, “The Cage,” which was rejected by the studio. In the pilot, she worked as Captain Christopher Pike’s second in command, but the second pilot episode omitted the character in favor of Mr. Spock, who filled the same role.

She was portrayed by Majel Barrett, and was later returned to the series in a two-part episode called “The Menagerie,” but was largely absent from the franchise until Star Trek: Discovery. In the new series, she was played by Rebecca Romjin, and her name was revealed to be Una.


Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generation

When Star Trek: The Next Generation showed up on television sets in 1987, the chief of security wasn’t Worf, rather, it was Lieutenant Tasha Yar played by Denise Crosby. She had a brutal backstory, which hardened her through a life of violence. This made her an excellent candidate for Security Officer, and she was personally recruited by Captain Picard to fill the role.

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She was killed in the episode, “Skin of Evil,” and left the series. Crosby sought to utilize her success in the franchise to boost her film career, but that failed to happen. She was brought back in the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” and a Romulan clone was also introduced later in the series.


Doctor Carol Marcus made her Star Trek debut in the second feature film, Wrath of Kahn. In the film, she is introduced as a former love interest of Kirk’s, and the mother of his child, David. She is also the chief scientist involved in the creation of the Genesis Project, which created a device capable of seeding a world with life.

As it happens, the device is also a world-ending weapon of epic proportions (if used for evil), and it proves unstable. She returned in the rebooted film series with Star Trek: Into Darkness where she was played by Alice Eve, the daughter of a Starfleet Admiral who became the antagonist of the film.


B’Elanna Torres was a member of the Maquis who often struggled with her own duality thanks to being half-human and half-Klingon. She was militaristic by nature, but after her ship gets stranded in the Delta Quadrant alongside the Voyager, she joins the Starfleet crew to become the new Chief Engineer responsible for the overall maintenance of the ship.

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Despite never completing her time at Starfleet Academy (she dropped out), she went on to become an honorable officer who proved vital to the crew. In many ways, she was a combination of Worf, Spock, and Scotty all rolled into one brilliant, compassionate, and brave character.


Jadzia Dax - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Jadzia was the willing carrier of the Dax symbiote, which had been alive for more than three centuries by the time she received it. Because of this, she had the memories of seven lifetimes to build her knowledge off of, which made her an excellent engineer, scientist, military officer, and diplomat.

She was also a true friend to Benjamin Sisko who knew Dax’s former carrier. She went on to command the Defiant and was vital in Starfleet’s war against the Dominion. She was killed, but the Dax symbiote was saved and transferred to another Trill who also came to Deep Space Nine later in the series.


Seven of Nine came aboard the Voyager to help combine Borg technology with Starfleet in their complicated alliance to battle Species 8472, their common enemy. She joined the crew when most of her Borg implants were removed, but spent much of her time on board having difficulty adjusting. Despite this, Captain Janeway took her under her wing and came to rely heavily on Seven of Nine.

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By the end of the series, Seven was killed, but the rest of the crew survived and made it home. Janeway couldn’t let this happen, so she went back in time, saved her entire crew, and brought them to the Alpha Quadrant earlier than she had the first time, and it was all to save Seven of Nine.


Initially, Ensign Ro Laren was meant to join Deep Space Nine as a main character, but when Michelle Forbes opted not to return to the series, the character of Major Kira Nerys was created. It’s a good thing that happened because Kira went on to become one of the most important characters in the series.

She helped to bridge the gap between Starfleet and the Bajoran government, often working as a liaison between the two entities. She wasn’t a member of Starfleet, but she served Sisko as one of his crew. She was vital during the Dominion War and played an evil version of herself in the Mirror Universe.


If you think Uhura was only good at answering hails, you don’t know Nyota Uhura very well. When the Mirror Universe was revealed in “Mirror, Mirror,” Uhura was tasked with an intelligence-gathering mission that showed off her skills in getting the job done regardless of the stakes. Nichelle Nichols’ performance as Uhura is one of the strongest female characters from the 1960s.

When the series was rebooted with a new film franchise, the character was expanded thanks to Zoe Saldana’s portrayal. She was in a romantic relationship with Mr. Spock and served in a more direct role as a member of Kirk’s crew.


Star Trek: Discovery has done a lot in terms of redefining the way Star Trek’s early history unfolded, and a lot of that is thanks to the series’ main star, Michael Burnham, who is played by Sonequa Martin-Green. The character is human, but after being orphaned, she is raised on Vulcan by Sarek, Spock’s father.

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She is one of the most daring and compassionate characters in the franchise, and as the first black woman to lead a Star Trek series, she stands apart from many of the women on this list. She has traveled through time and battled more enemies than most ever would, and the series has yet to air its third season...


You can’t get much better than Kathryn Janeway when looking into strong female leads from the Star Trek franchise. She commanded the Voyager, which was swept into the Delta Quadrant. Instead of giving up and settling into a new home, she united her crew with a Maquis vessel and pointed the ship back home.

Because of her incredible leadership, she not only managed to get everyone home much earlier than would otherwise have been possible, but she also managed to do it twice! She didn’t like the outcome of the first homecoming, so she broke the law, traveled back in time, beat the Borg Queen, and got everyone home earlier than before.

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