Star Trek: Voyager: 10 Worst One-Off Romances

Star Trek is known for it's weird, wonderful in-universe relationships, but these 10 fings were just too much for most viewers.

Fans might think that being trapped in the unknown Delta Quadrant, Voyager might have been able to avoid some of Star Trek's cringey, repetitive tropes. Nope. Arguably, in some ways, it was one of the worst offenders.

Trek has always dazzled its fans, but all the different series have had bad habits of inserting absurd one episode romances every couple of episodes. Between the short time and the fact they're rarely mentioned again, they're always really awkward. So, let's see what kind of awkward and awful Voyager got up to.

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10 B'Elanna Torres and Chakotay

For unknown reasons, the writers on Voyager thought Chakotay was the Kirk or Riker of Voyager. He was not. He needed better writing for his character and heritage for that.

Regardless, they had a lot of women get all hot and bothered over him. Even B'Elanna Torres, who previously just saw him as a good friend and colleague, revealed in one episode that she actually was secretly in love with him. Lucky for fans, she rejected the notion and never followed through on trying to pursue him. One illusion of them trying to kiss, kiss, fall in love was way too much. Thank goodness this relationship never made it out the gates.

9 Tom Paris and Harry Kim and The Delaney Sisters

While Tom and Harry have quite a few other romances, on and off they mention going on dates with the Delaney sisters. Yes, these two best friends consistently had a weird double date thing going on with two identical twins. Worse, even though they agreed to date them, Harry liked to lament about liking the other sister better.

Tom and Harry's side conversations about the Delaney sisters in various episodes are just kinda yikes. They even were good enough sports to play Captain Proton with the guys. They really deserved so much better.

8 Chakotay and Valerie Archer

So, sci-fi fans, do you remember Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Well, picture that except with Species 8472. In an attempt to assess humanity, the species built a training facility and transformed its people into looking like humans to study and practice infiltrating Earth and Starfleet Academy.

Voyager sent Chakotay down to investigate and infiltrate himself. While there, he spends a lot of time with Valerie Archer, an alien in the shape of a beautiful human female Commander. Going on a date, he tries to pry more information out of her and change her mind about humans. Fights ensue, then some peace, and Chakotay and Valerie part of a kiss before they head back to fluidic space. Let's ignore the "seducing under subterfuge" part, it seems?

7 Harry Kim and Derran Tal

So, basically being somebody's soulmate can be an STD. Welcome to the love affair of Harry Kim and Derran Tal, a rebel/terrorist who tried to forcefully make her ship's government let her and other members leave. But her politics aren't the important part here, her and Harry are.

And, like it was said before, she gave him the love STD. Basically, among her people, when you get intimate with someone, if you spend a lot of time together, you can contract a virus that will bond you to the other person. a.k.a., if you go too far away from one another, it'll hurt you. Luckily, Harry and Derran broke the bond before it ended their lives, but, ouch.

6 The Doctor, Seven of Nine, Ranek, and Jaryn

So, there's this weird episode where The Doctor, Seven of Nine, and Harry Kim were on an away mission and get imprisoned by an anti-hologram species. To survive, The Doctor downloaded himself into Seven of Nine's ocular implant, which gave him control over her at times. Hijinks ensued.

While in Seven's body, The Doctor accidentally got the captain, Ranek, to fall in love with her. However, while visiting the med bay, The Doctor started getting feelings for the ship medic, Jaryn. Unlucky for him, Jaryn had feelings for Ranek, y'know, the one pining after Seven. And yeah, poor Seven was just hijacked and had to watch all of this mess happened. What a creepy episode with a useless love triangle.

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5 B'Elanna Torres and Vorik

Vorik from Star Trek Voyager

While Vulcans are normally the most even-tempered people in the galaxy, something can totally send their logic off tilt. That thing is Pon Farr, which is basically their version of puberty or ovulating. Every few years it happens, and either the Vulcan chooses a mate, goes through rigorous meditation, fights, or goes insane.

A brilliant engineer underneath Torres, Vorik, was hitting Pon Farr and decided that his beautiful commanding officer would be his best option. It started out with a date or two, but, eventually, he was asking to mate with her. But not just once, in the forever kind of context. Lucky for B'Elanna, she just knocked him out and it solved the problem. Doesn't make his aggressive pursuit of her any less bizarre and uncomfortable, though.

4 Tuvok and Marayna

Tuvok never got many romantic subplots in Voyager, but that made sense considering his devotion to his wife, T'Pel. She was waiting for him back on Vulcan with their children. But it also helps that, beyond his faithfulness, Tuvok never was much of a romantic guy.

However, twice romance tempted him. One of those times was with a lonely scientist, Marayna. Marayna hijacked a hologram program while Voyager was passing by so that she could experience social contact for the first time in years. With Tuvok, though, she found a person who matched her intellect and she fell in love. She ended up holding the ship hostage to try to get him to stay with her on her space station.

Unfortunately, Tuvok never really loved Marayna and just enjoyed her company. But, for the ship's sake, he convinced her to let them all go. Oh, and left her alone for the rest of her life. Yeah, just kinda depressing, this one.

3 Harry Kim and Linnis Paris

Has anyone ever thought about marrying their best friend's daughter? Well, for one, they shouldn't. But somehow that's exactly what Harry Kim did. Yeah, cue the gagging.

After marrying Kes, she and Tom had a daughter named Linnis. When she came of age (about 2 years old), Harry Kim decided to date her, marry her, and then they had a son. The fact she's Tom's daughter is gross enough, even ignoring the age thing. Every fan knows Harry Kim is bad at romance, but this is a new level. Thank goodness that relationship never happened.

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2 Seven of Nine and William Chapman

The longer Seven spent on Voyager, the more she wanted to learn about being human. At first, it was just history and social interaction. Eventually, though, she became interested in romance. In the most Seven way possible, she picked an engineer with compatible likes and dislikes to ask out on a date. She ultimately asked William Chapman to try her hand at it (with The Doctor's help, of course).

Yeah, the date went horribly. Normally does when the top compliment one has for their date is "efficient." Seven spilled Lobster juices all over him, she misunderstood what he meant when he asked for dessert, and she nearly tore his arm off while dancing. The poor woman was embarrassed, and they were never seen together again.

1 Katheryn Janeway and Tom Paris (As Salamanders)

Hands down, this is possibly the worst one-off Star Trek romance ever. Tom Paris gets infected with some sort of virus that's changing his entire biology, turning him into some strange, amphibious creature. Even though The Doctor is desperate to help him, Paris eventually hijacks a run-about, kidnaps Captain Janeway, and heads to a nearby planet. While there, he and Janeway both transform into Salamanders and give birth to some slimy babies before any rescue team comes to save them.

And afterward, no one talks about the fact they mated or abandoned Salamander children on a faraway planet ever again. What?! This episode's a mess, and the never-again-mentioned relationship in it deserves to be written down in infamy.

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