Star Trek: 16 Memes That Show Voyager Makes No Sense

Star Trek has been one of the most enduring pop culture franchises ever created. Through assorted movies and spin-offs, the franchise has been rocking and rolling through the final frontier for over fifty years. What, exactly, keeps its momentum?

The answer to this question is definitely the fans. Back in the day, it was fan write-in campaigns that kept The Original Series on the air. Now, fans are finding innovative ways to breathe new life into older Trek shows, and that includes Star Trek: Voyager.

Through hilarious memes and mashups, fans are able to make us look at Voyager in a brand new way. In some cases, these memes might make you appreciate an old episode you often overlooked. In other cases, though, it lets you see just how weird things got with Janeway and her crew.

For instance, some of these memes make us wonder if Janeway’s coffee habit may have some very sinister repercussions. Other times, they make us remember how insane it was that the crew accepted Neelix as one of them. And, sadly enough, some of them make us remember just how bad this show shot itself in the foot with its finale.

Just keep reading to discover Star Trek: 16 Memes That Show Voyager Makes No Sense!

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16 Cup of Jo

Admit it: you totally sang this meme to yourself using the “Soft Kitty” song! As far as Voyager memes go, though, this has a lot going for it. It helps draw attention to just how silly the series finale to this show actually was once you examine the different parts of the meme.

On one level, this meme focuses on Captain Janeway’s one true love: coffee!

On a deeper level, though, it gets into the older Janeway’s motivation in the finale to go back in time and save her friends, Prime Directive be damned. Finally, the meme draws attention to Voyager engaging in the oldest Trek trick in the book: giving us a show that is all about the captain for the vast majority of the series!

15 It Begins

The general plot of Voyager was simple enough that it likely started out as an elevator pitch: a Starfleet ship that is stranded in a true frontier, thousands of lightyears from home. However, the hard part was developing a story that explained how this happened.

Basically, Captain Janeway decides to destroy the array left behind by a powerful, dying alien so that an antagonistic species called the Kazon cannot use its technology to hurt others.

The catch? Destroying this array strands them all away from home without any way of getting back.

Fans of the show have had years to come up with different ways Janeway could have handled things, and this meme draws our attention to the fact that her plan (and the show’s plot) wasn’t very well thought out.

14 Welcome to Flavor Town

In a show filled with weird characters, Neelix was arguably the strangest. Visually, he looked outlandish, from his orange skin and crazy hair down to his “alien grandpa” fashion choices. To top it off, he pulls his weight on the ship by serving as cook— something that seems a bit dubious based on crew reactions to the food.

This meme is basically a “hole in one” when it comes to what is so weird about Neelix.

We get a mixture of this bizarre alien and another weird and wild cook— Guy Fieri. Not only is the visual blending of these two cooks something that is likely to haunt you, but Fieri’s infamous “donkey sauce” sounds exactly like something Neelix would cook up for the crew.

13 Who Janeway Really Is

As we mentioned, Voyager is like most Star Trek shows in that it prominently focuses on the captain. However, despite how much screen time Captain Janeway gets, it’s difficult for fans to understand who she really is, as this can change from episode to episode. This meme draws our attention to this lack of consistency in a very amusing way.

We see that Chakotay thinks of Janeway as fun and flirty while Starfleet thinks of her as being all business. The crew thinks Janeway is an action hero while Janeway herself thinks she just sits around being bored most of the time. Finally, we see that Janeway wants to spend most of her time just enjoying a hot bath— something, bizarrely enough, that she shares in common with Neelix!

12 Neelix and Chill

The best and worst thing about memes is that they get mashed together. In some cases, this breathes new life into an old classic. In other cases, you’re likely to be bored to tears as you see someone running an old meme into the ground.

In this case, a classic meme comes back in a way that’s going to rattle in our brains for a while.

Obviously, “Netflix and chill” denotes the practice of streaming entertainment turning into a chance to get with someone. Here, we imagine Neelix doing so, which means remember the relationship between Neelix and Kes. That relationship was always a bit absurd and uncomfortable because her race was so short-lived, meaning that Neelix was “chilling” with someone who was only one or two years old!

11 Everything Old Is New

Janeway was, obviously, a prominent character in the Voyager series finale. She wasn't just any Janeway, though. This Janeway was from a future where she had gotten her ship back home, but it took a bit too long, and she lost some friends along the way. She decides to say to hell with the Prime Directive and goes back in time to get her younger self and crew home quicker than they otherwise would have.

This meme plays with the idea of Janeway as perfectionist: that only she would accomplish her goal and then try to beat her old score.

It’s also a weird reminder of how much her character has changed. Remember, they were stranded in the Delta Quadrant in part because she refused to disobey the Prime Directive from the beginning. The idea that she is willing to do so at the very end seems really absurd!

10 Q, Too?

Q was a mainstay character (sometimes villain, sometimes ally) on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was so popular that his character got spread around, making an appearance on Deep Space Nine and appearances on Voyager. On a basic level, this meme draws attention to Q’s weird relationship with Janeway (like when he wanted to hook up with her to end a war). It also reminds us of the Chakotay problem.

Chakoktay did not have much of a personality or character outside of having Native American heritage. That heritage was often portrayed in pretty outlandish and stereotypical ways. It turns out there was a reason for this: the show’s Native American consultant Jamake Highwater was actually a fraudster who had falsely claimed to be an American Indian so he could be an “Indian expert” to the entertainment industry!

9 Like a Gangsta

Seven of Nine was a controversial figure when she first joined the show. She seemed like a blatant attempt to add more overt eye candy to the crew in an attempt to goose the ratings up. However, actor Jeri Ryan held her own, and pretty soon, it felt like every plot revolved around her.

This meme helps highlight how Seven of Nine basically took over the show - one might even say she assimilated it.

It also plays a bit with her Borg background: before she was a Voyager crew member, she had the very long title “Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero.” Even after becoming human again (more or less), Seven could never go an entire conversation without reminding someone about her time spent with the Borg!

8 Too Fast, Flyboy

When it comes to deciding what episode of Star Trek was the worst, it’s usually a subject of intense fan debate. The old adage is true: one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Voyager fans have it a little easier, though, for a simple reason: everyone knows that the episode “Threshhold” is the worst episode of the show, and possibly the worst episode of any Trek series.

This meme helps draw our attention to the reason why. In the episode, we see the effects of Warp 10 on Tom Paris and, eventually, on Janeway. They turn into melty-face people and eventually turn into lizards who have lots of inhuman coupling and raise a family of lizard children before being turned human once again. It’s best to forget about it, and fortunately, this show is awesome at forgetting previous episodes!

7 Mr. Vulcan

Tuvok was a return to finally having a Vulcan as a regular on a Trek show, something we had not had since the days of Mr. Spock. He played the role perfectly.

Neelix had a nickname for Tuvok, “Mr. Vulcan,” that effectively described his character, as everything was decided by perfect and logical decisions.

That, of course, is what this meme is drawing our attention to in a very “meta” way. It riffs on the idea of Tuvok being unable to respond well to humor because he is too busy dissecting the best way to go about things.

Fortunately, Voyager fans have long been able to find humor even in situations that were not optimal . That’s the secret for getting through the really bad episodes!

6 Twice the Fun

One of the other ways that Voyager played homage to the Trek that came before is that it didn’t take very long for them to encounter duplicates of themselves. This led to a tense episode and an unexpected conclusion in which “our” Ensign Kim died and was replaced by the other one. This meme plays up the silliness of the entire premise.

After all, one of Janeway’s defining characteristics is that she loves coffee. She loves it to the point that she will navigate the ship into an alien nebula if it means finding coffee beans.

This meme proposes that Janeway’s coffee addiction is a bit dangerous and that the next time she sees something outlandish (such as a duplicate of herself), she should just put the cup down!

5 A New Discovery

We finally got a new Trek show in the form of Discovery. While the show has many familiar Trek elements, it also adds quite a few new twists. One of those was a “spore drive” which allowed the ship to travel seemingly anywhere in the galaxy in no time at all. As soon as fans saw it, they all had one observation: Voyager could have used this!

That is, of course, what this meme is joking about. The spore drive is Federation technology developed before the time of Kirk’s famous adventures, so info about it is presumably sitting in Federation computers if you know where to look. It’s kind of heartbreaking to think that Captain Janeway might have gotten everyone home in episode two if she simply found the correct computer file!

4 He’s Seen Things

It took very little time for the EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram) to become the best character on the show, due in large part of Robert Picardo’s amazing acting. He essentially played the Data role, as he was artificial life that became more human as time went on. And that meant spending a lot of time among the crew.

What this silly meme draws our attention to is the outlandishness of the premise. If the EMH is a computer program, and Voyager has limited power and space, where is he finding the room to store what is effectively a growing lifetime of memories and experiences?

When you realize how crazy it is, your face might look a bit like this, too, so don’t be too quick to judge!

3 The New “It Was All a Dream”

Ask fans, and they’ll tell you that the holodeck was one of the best and worst additions to the Trek universe. On one hand, it’s a perfect excuse for the crew to do anything anywhere, and it lines up well with our modern focus on virtual reality entertainment. At the same time, though, holodeck episodes were often the worst, as the writers struggled to make the recreational tech into a life and death situation.

This meme mixes our malicious holograms together.

It presupposes that the EMH, as both a master of holograms and a student of human emotions, might be running an ongoing experiment with our favorite characters and that they might all be on a holodeck and not know it.

Sound crazy? Take it up with Picard, who was briefly trapped in the same way!

2 Ancient Humans

For a hot minute, the “aliens” guy meme was everywhere. You know the one: the guy with the wild hair who is proposing that aliens were behind any number of things. While most people laughed at how outlandish he was (both in his appearance and his claims), this meme shows what Trek fans were thinking for a while.

That’s right: that guy’s crazy hair looked a lot like one of our early season villains, the Kazon. It also plays with the idea that to everyone in the Delta Quadrant, the humans are the weird, outside invaders.

It’s actually quite fun to think about the bizarre legacy of Janeway and the crew. Humans may be the driving force behind alien conspiracy theories all across the quadrant!

1 But Can We Still Smell What He’s Cooking?

The Rock (better known nowadays as Dwayne Johnson) is everywhere now. He’s headlining movies like Jumanji and Rampage and generally taking over movie theaters everywhere. Sometimes it’s tough to remember when he was only a wrestler, but this meme is here to help us remember.

For better or worse, Voyager wasn’t afraid to lean into weird gimmick episodes, especially if it meant a chance to lure in more viewers.

In one episode, this meant Seven of Nine wrestling with an alien played by Dwayne Johnson himself! Not only does it feel like a hilarious crossover of worlds, but it’s wild to see this terrible episode and see that The Rock is the one who had the biggest career when it was all said and done.


Do you have any Star Trek: Voyager memes to share? Leave them in the comments!

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