Star Trek: 20 Couples Voyager Wants Us To Forget

When it comes to Star Trek, poor Voyager often can't get a break. Despite an engaging story, a crew of interesting characters and some of the best actors in the franchise, it's often cited as one of the least popular series. From legitimate criticism about the series veering into the Delta Quadrant away from Gene Rodenberry’s original intent for the series to much more dubious complaints about a woman as a captain, there are many reasons why fans like to give Voyager a hard time, but most of us still love the series for its innovation, its storytelling and, of course, its many relationships. Tom Paris and B'Elanna are a prime example of how when something goes right in Voyager, it creates a beloved pairing with a fan following that lasts forever.

Then there are the times when the show launched itself into territory that writers and producers would rather we forget. Like any other incarnation of Star Trek, there are enough questionable relationships in Voyager to make us wish we could all receive memory wipes. Some couples seem so inappropriate together (or so obviously meant for other characters) that their forced interactions ruined whole episodes. Others, while barely even mentioned, change a character's personality so deeply that it's almost as if they were totally re-written for the sake of drama. Still, other relationships feel like such lazy storytelling that the boundaries they're meant to break merely sag with the sorrow of misplaced intentions.

From past loves that make no sense to the love stories designed for obvious yet meaningless drama, here are 20 Couples Voyager Wants Us To Forget.

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20 Harry Kim And Linnis Paris

When Harry Kim fell for Linnis Paris, we all felt that uncomfortable swish of sick in our bellies. Not only was Linnis the half-Human, half-Ocampan daughter of Kes and Tom Paris from one of Kes's weird alternate realities during a backwards time jump, but she was also the daughter of Harry's best friend. Yes, her part-Ocampan heritage allowed her to age at an advanced rate, so it's not like she was a 19-year-old marrying someone twice her age, but that fact doesn't change that it still felt wrong on so many levels.

The two even had a child together, and despite the fact that we know it wasn't a ship we all wanted to be canon, it's always a little sad when someone's existence is completely canceled just because they were an alternate reality.

19 Tom Paris And Kes

Speaking of Linnis, her own parentage was a mismatch from heck, or the "Year of Heck," to be exact. Not only were we blatantly aware of Tom's unrequited feelings for Kes after he admitted he'd had a crush on her, but he was also her flight instructor, and Kes was already in a relationship with Neelix anyway, which made Tom's flirtation even more inappropriate. Kes's innocent friendliness seemed to be mistaken as reciprocity by both suitors, which just tossed in an unnecessary love triangle that wasn't.

Knowing all this, the fact that Tom and Kes married in an alternate timeline after B'Elanna was lost is just one of the many times writers have employed the overused "Hey, let's pair up these two flirty flirts because we offed one of their significant others!" AU tactics and we're not having it.

18 Janeway And Q

As much fan grumbling as Kathryn Janeway receives, she's still the favorite captain for many of us. Though we might consider ourselves members of the Kate Mulgrew appreciation society, many of us aren't satisfied with many of Janeway's relationships, romantic or otherwise, including one with a certain extra-dimensional being who wanted to be with the captain in season three.

It's more of an example of bribing, coercion, and outright taking than romance, but everything about it screams wrong, from Q's handling of the situation to Janeway agreeing to be his child's godmother at the end of "The Q and the Grey." Q's bragging about his own prowess after touching the tip of his wife's finger was an exceptionally retch-inducing touch that we'd all like to forget.

17 Tom Paris And Susie Crabtree

Tom Paris clean shaven

Even long-time fans of Voyager might be wondering, "Who the heck is Susie Crabtree?" We never really meet Tom Paris's first love who left him during his first year at Starfleet Academy, but the impact of the breakup has impacted Tom so deeply that Tom still feels reverberations every time he smells or hears something that reminds him of her.

That might not be uncommon after losing his first love, but when Susie left him Tom got so depressed that he broke out in hives, stayed in bed for a week, and fell into a deep depression, after which he was only able to walk around in a daze. Tom nearly failed Stellar Cartography as a result. Love hurts, but we do find it hard to reconcile this Tom with the same man that B'Elanna married.

16 B'Elanna Torres And Maxwell Burke

Just as we can't see Tom Paris with Susie Crabtree (or anyone other than B'Elanna), we also refuse to see B'Elanna with anyone else, especially Maxwell Burke. Another young love at Starfleet, Burke resurfaced in B'Elanna's life in the Delta Quadrant on the USS Equinox. While we have some cute anecdotes between the two, from his "BLT" nickname for her to the blue sweater she borrowed and never gave back, there was nothing cute about Burke when B'Elanna and the crew met up with him.

Although they spawned out of survival, Maxwell's criminal experiments, which included offing other sentient beings, were deplorable. Even when given a way out, Burke staged a mutiny and caused the destruction of his crew. He's definitely not great boyfriend material and poor B'Elanna has to live with the fact that she dated that guy.

15  Janeway And Mark Johnson

Star Trek Episodes Janeway Trial

While people tend to romanticize the relationship between Captain Janeway and Mark Johnson, her ex-fiancee, there's some strange business between the lines. For starters, Mark moved on within six months after Starfleet declared Voyager lost. That seems way too fast to give up on someone you were supposedly deeply in love with, let alone engaged to marry. We're all familiar with how long writers tend to make women moon for lost soulmates only to be reunited with them after years of pining, so why couldn't Mark have done the same for Kathryn?

Then, of course, Janeway had to get that "Dear John" letter from him four years later. Imagine how romantic it would have been if, after years of pining or even searching for Janeway, Mark had found the love of his life instead.

14 Harry Kim And Maggie O'Halloran

Star Trek Voyager Harry Kim Garrett Wang

Several members of the Voyager have fallen for holographic creations, which is disturbing enough on its own. While it makes sense that people might get lonely with a limited crew, it's not as if everyone's been claimed, and Garret Wang is a handsome fellow. Why not fall for someone else, or even fulfill fan wishlists with a Harry/Tom pairing rather than make Harry go and romance the holographic woman Maggie O'Halloran?

What's worse is that when Paris caught his friend acting the fool, he made it awkward on a major level by transforming her into a cow. Kissing farm animals is definitely not part of anyone's ideal romance and we're sure Voyager creators would love to forget this bovine incident.

13 Vorik And B'Elanna

Vorik from Star Trek Voyager

Whereas the human Mark Johnson believed his fiancee gone forever, the Vulcan Vorik assumed that his intended bride-to-be would abandon him as lost and decided to simply move on out of expediency. Space men, amirite? With no other Vulcans around as potential mates, Vorik wined and dined B'Elanna, declaring koon-ut-so'lik and ultimately, even if accidentally, began the Vulcan telepathic mating bond with her.

B'Elanna was not having any of this Vulcan mating against her will and ended his pon farr by fighting him in ritual kal-if-fee. Tom Paris gallantly offered to do the deed himself but we all know that B'Elanna can handle herself. Still, it was a lousy and disturbing attempt at a relationship.

12 Danara Pell And The Doctor

Technically Danara Pell wasn't a holographic program, but she kind of was at the same time when she and The Doctor fell for one another. When Danara came down with a case of the Phage and her brain began deteriorating, The Doctor thought quickly and put her physical body in stasis, transporting her consciousness into a holographic form while he tried to save her.

That's where it starts to get messed up. Not only does The Doctor use a replica of his own body to create Danara's hologram, but he, too, is a hologram, which might make it cute if they fell for each other as holograms, but they weren't. She was a real person who ultimately had to return to her decaying body after enjoying her ageless form as a hologram.

11 Janeway And Jaffen

Janeway and Jaffen on Voayger

Janeway was totally brainwashed and stolen when Jaffen fell for her. As is the case with most of her suitors, Jaffen asked her out a few times before she said yes. She ultimately fell for him and moved in with him while under the impression that she was a laborer on Quarra the whole time.

Once Chakotay tried to jog her memory, Jaffen got super jealous and tried to get him arrested, but came to understand that what he said was true. Not only do we need to forget that Janeway had what was one of her best romances under false memories, but that she couldn't even bring Jaffen with her because she said hiring him would be inappropriate. Oh, Janeway. Must you always do the right thing?

10 Marayana And Tuvok

Harry Kim sure does love holographic women! When he became enamored with Marayana, Tuvok advised him to meditate in order to relieve his shon-ha'lock. Not only was Harry distracted by Marayana at work, but she didn't even reciprocate his feelings, instead falling for Tuvok. Tuvok used his Vulcan sensibility and disabled her program but he had no idea that she was the projection of a real woman who was after him.

The real Marayana, an alien who looked completely different from her holographic projection, held Tuvok hostage when he transported himself to her signal, saying that she'd take out his whole ship if he left her. Thankfully he was able to escape by reminding her of his own wife and crew that needed him, but her demand for his life was pretty much the definition of a toxic relationship.

9 Harry Kim And Seven Of Nine

Seven of Nine and Harry Kim in Voyager

Honestly, most of the people paired with Seven of Nine were pretty terrible, especially considering how most fans believe she was only brought onboard as eye candy, to begin with. She's not a terrible character: Beautiful, fearless and strong beyond measure, Seven of Nine is one cool former Borg drone whom you don't want to mess with. The fact that she was a Borg drone, however, made so many of her romantic moments painfully awkward.

Not only did she ask Harry, who had a huge crush on her at first sight, if he wanted "to copulate," embarrassing him, she later instructed him to remove his clothing. It was as fumbling as teen love and wince-worthy rather than swoon-worthy.

8 The Doctor And Charlene

When The Doctor decided to create his own holographic family to simulate and experience family life, it seemed as if nothing could go wrong. He wasn't using a human being but creating a simulated program, much like his own, so what harm could it do?

Charlene and their two children, Belle and Jeffrey, turned out to be a Stepford family, perfectly subservient to The Doctor and his wishes. B'Elanna, awesome as she is, decided to change the program to a more realistic setting, making Charlene much more independent. When the family experienced the loss of Belle, The Doctor shut the program down entirely, proving that he wasn't fit for family life after all. Nobody can ever fully recover after losing a child, but you don't just delete the rest of your family to cope.

7 Lizard Janeway And Lizard Paris

We can all agree that Janeway and Paris together would be a terrible pairing, so why on Earth would turning them into salamanders make it any more acceptable? In season two's "Threshold," Tom attempts to seal his own fame by breaking Warp 10 and ends up undergoing human evolution at incredibly rapid speed, and Janeway gets caught in the crossfire of his mutations. The two evolve millions of years into lizard creatures, get lost on a jungle planet... and have a bunch of lizard babies there.

It's so weird and disturbing to know that Janeway and Tom have super-evolved human-lizard babies that were left in space. Could they be turned back into humans with anti-proton radiation? Who knows? It's disturbing, so we'll just forget it ever happened.

6 Chakotay And Seven Of Nine

Seven and Chakotay in Star Trek: Voyager

Neither poor Chakotay nor Seven of Nine seemed to be able to make a relationship work, but that was literally the only thing these two had in common. Their pairing came so far out of the blue in 2378, and Jeri Ryan herself has even stated that the relationship was too rushed to work, let alone for them to marry.

More of Seven's weird Borg programming came into play with the relationship, too, since she felt such a strong emotion toward Chakotay that her body was forced to collapse. It was meant to be kind of a cute detail, especially since she hadn't fainted over any other guys in her past, but ultimately it was just weird for someone so tough to literally fall like that over a guy.

5 Janeway And Chakotay

Chakotay and Janeway Relaxing

Given how Chakotay and Seven were so crazy together, it's funny how so many fans root for him to be with a completely different person he never had a canon romance with... or did he? Fans have enjoyed the flirting between Janeway and Chakotay over the years, and many debate about whether or not they could have had something between them, especially during their time stranded on a planet with one another.

If you know Janeway, you know she'd never become involved with Chakotay due to her professionalism, and therein lies the rub: we either forget the romantic tension, or we forget Janeway's code of ethics and acknowledge that they had a fling. Either is problematic, so let's sweep it under the rug!

4 Chakotay And Seska

chakotay and Seska in Voyager

It's pretty hard to recover from falling in love with a Kazon collaborator, and we find Chakotay at no fault for all his brooding after Seska revealed that not only was she just that, but a Cardassian spy to boot. It seems like every great fantasy and sci-fi saga has to have at least one couple that's half head-over-feet lovesick fool, and half a dirty, rotten spy. Chakotay just drew the short end of the stick with this arc.

Seska not only embarrassed him during the revelation but openly mocked him for his "mighty Starfleet principles" that made him choose his crew and career over supporting her and her treachery.

3 The Doctor And Seven Of Nine

The Doctor and Seven of Nine in Voyager

Once again, we have a holographic program paired with a human (well, mostly human) and it's even weirder than last time. Not only is The Doctor Seven's teacher in all things social, but he gives her weekly maintenance and instruction in romance, too. He's also part of a super weird She's All That Reversal when he takes part in a bet to get her to a reception with a date. Instead of the shy girl hiding behind glasses, she's the already-beautiful ex-Borg who needs help relating to her own kind.

The whole situation, when added to the fact that The Doctor nearly tried to end her when his ethics were down, and the fact that he obsessively fantasized about her in dis-empowering scenarios, make all of us want to pretend this never happened.

2 Janeway And Michael Sullivan

Of all the people who fell for holographic creations on Voyager, we have to say that we're most disappointed for Janeway. One of the characters in Tom Paris' 19th-century holodeck program Fair Haven, Michael Sullivan was a married bartender who caught Janeway's eye. In a rare moment of selfishness, she altered the program to totally erase his wife, upgraded his education so they'd have things to talk about, and began a relationship with him.

It might not seem unethical to just write an entire character out of a simulation, but it did seem rather underhanded, especially for the unscrupulous captain. After Sullivan and his "people" became convinced that the crew members were evil spirits, the program underwent repairs and we pretty much never heard about it again.

1 Neelix And Kes

Neelix and Kes from Voyager

Although Neelix and Kes are often hailed as one of the most beloved couples in Voyager, there's just too many problematic factors about them to make us root for them. Neelix was much more worldly and experienced than the naive Kes, who had barely become an adult when they got together. The fact that Neelix really wanted to have kids with Kes, who would only live nine years, and his jealousy over her friendships, also pointed toward their awful mismatch.

Many of us gritted our teeth when the Talaxian hybrid chef crooned, "My sweet!" and actually liked him much better once Kes was gone. In fact, Neelix seemed much more likable when paired with Dexa, if only because it didn't have the same creepy paternal vibe.

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