One challenge Voyager faced when flung into the Delta Quadrant was energy consumption. They couldn’t continue the same usage, since supplies constantly ran low. When they brought Neelix on board, the food replicator issue was fixed... somewhat. Neelix happened to be an accomplished cook, able to use just about

any ingredient to make anything he felt like making. And therein lies the most annoying thing about Neelix: he was so consumed with making food and figuring out the crew’s next meal.

No matter what transpired on the ship, Neelix’s main concern was food. The way he obsessed over Kes, whined to Captain Janeway about the smallest details, and found a myriad of ways to vex the other crew members made Neelix the kind of character you either liked or disliked. But overall, the show would have been fine without him.

Hogan in Star Trek Voyager
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