Patrick Stewart's New Star Trek TV Show Doesn't Connect to Discovery

The new Patrick Stewart Star Trek TV show will not be connected to Star Trek: Discovery. CBS has confirmed that the new show about Captain Jean-Luc Picard will act as a separate standalone story.

Stewart confirmed rumors about the new series during a surprise appearance at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention, as well as through a post on social media. He announced his return as Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: Next Generation for a new show that will air on the CBS All Access streaming service. Captain Picard's last appearance was in 2002's Star Trek: Nemesis, but the new series will offer "an exploration of the next chapter of Picard's life."

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With Star Trek: Discovery becoming a hit for CBS All Access, some Trek fans might expect the new Picard series will somehow tie into it. Deadline asked CBS TV Studios president David Stapf about that possibility, and Stapf confirmed the new series will have its own story that will not link to Discovery: "Yes, that’s a new series. Which I think is important to distinguish."

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There is no word of what Captain Picard has been up to since Star Trek: Nemesis, although it is likely he became an admiral or ambassador, at least according to storylines involving time travel on The Next Generation. His time as the captain of the Enterprise is over, but it is probable that Picard was also not ready to completely retire after Nemesis. Although many Trek novels and comic books have attempted to give Picard a life beyond that movie, there is no word about whether CBS considers anything outside of the TV show and movies as canon.

There are plans for other Star Trek shows, too, for All Access. Stapf briefly mentioned CBS has other Star Trek projects in the works, but none of them are at the point yet where he can discuss them. He did state William Shatner will probably not get to return as Captain Kirk in any new Trek series, much to the chagrin of fans of the original Star Trek series. There are also no plans to return to other former Trek series for new shows.

Most fans agree that Nemesis was a horrible movie and did not really give Picard the ending he deserved. The new series could allow viewers a chance to see his later life, as well as experience a Picard that more closely resembles what they remember from The Next Generation series.

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Source: Deadline

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