New Star Trek TV Show Set Before The Next Generation?

As many of our readers surely know, Star Trek began its journey on the small screen rather than the silver one. Created by Gene Roddenberry, the weekly space-faring adventures of the Enterprise crew aired for three years in the late 1960s, before settling in for a syndication run that would cement Star Trek as a sci-fi classic. Twelve feature films and six TV shows later, Star Trek is returning to both mediums to celebrates the 50th anniversary of the property.

This summer, Star Trek Beyond continues the adventures of the reboot universe that began with Star Trek (2009), and in early 2017, Star Trek will return to its television roots with Bryan Fuller at the helm as showrunner. Joining Fuller as exec producers are Alex Kurtzman, Nicholas Meyer, and Rod Roddenberry; forming something of a who's who when it comes to the franchise throughout the years. This new series will air on CBS All-Access, the network's streaming service, though it's still set to first premiere on the CBS' broadcast channel. And besides these scant details, there really isn't much we know for sure about this series -- but a new rumor at least hints at the where it may fall within Star Trek's long history.

Coming from Birth. Movies. Death., the rumor claims the as-yet-untitled Star Trek series will be set between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: The Next Generation, leaving a roughly 70-year chunk of the series' timeline open to explore. Again, being that this is purely rumor, it's hard to say just how close to either iteration the new series will fall, but if true, then the TV series will exist in Star Trek's original continuity and not the rebooted timeline of Abrams' films.

This is certainly good news for anyone who has been less than impressed with the course set by the recent Star Trek films, and choosing a setting after the original series' crew and before TNG's gives the series an opportunity to explore new stories in a familiar setting. By far, the TOS and TNG versions of Star Trek are the most iconic, so bridging the two seems like a smart strategy. Plus, as BMD also points out, it'd allow for a return of the fan favorite "monster maroon" uniforms from the latter feature films. Though, it's all the more likely a new series would design their own signature uniforms, but it'd sure be a nice nod to see some elements of those classic designs remain. Perhaps even a uniform that pulls elements from both the "monster maroon" and TNG uniforms, further cementing the series as a bridge between eras.

In addition to the rumor concerning the setting of the new Star Trek series, the report also alleges this show will not follow an Enterprise crew, but instead that of another ship. Which only makes sense, really. Let the Enterprise continue their exploits on the big screen, while some other ship's intrepid crew sets sail for the streaming series. It's a big Federation, after all.

Lastly, a final but far, far from confirmed rumor suggests Fuller intends to bring the Klingons back in a big way. If the series is indeed set after the events of Star Trek VI, then the Federation and the Klingon Empire have begun working towards peace, eventually securing an alliance by the time of TNG. However, for a series set in between these time frames, there's opportunity for some Klingons to still be villains. That hasn't happened in Star Trek for decades, and it's only one possibility of what's available to this new series should any of these rumors prove true.

Star Trek Beyond opens in U.S. theaters on July 22, 2016. The new Star Trek TV show pilot will premiere on CBS in January 2017 and stream exclusively through CBS All Access thereafter.

Source: BMD