D&D Alignments Of Star Trek TNG Characters

Many fandoms have wide margins of cross over. It seems most intellectual properties appeal to more than one flavor of fan. For lovers of table top gaming, it's second nature to identify and assign alignments to favorite characters outside of the Dungeons and Dragons universe. Star Trek fans are as loyal as they come. They know every corner of the franchise inside and out.

It's not hard to identify the traits and characteristics of each alignment across the wide cast of TNG characters. Examining each character's motivations and morals reveals where they fall on the D&D alignment chart. While some character's alignments are obvious, others may require a deeper look.

9 Data: True Neutral

Data and Riker in Star Trek TNG

The true neutral character is exactly that, neutral. They are beholden to no cause and are swayed only by facts. These rational, literal and calculating characters aren't taking sides, they're searching for the truth. Data doesn't have the limitations of a humanoid conscience or societal norms.

He functions based on whole truth and absolutes. An android is the perfect example of true neutrality. As the character develops he becomes more human. Data grows attached to people, animals, and things. He's still steadfast and predictable, functioning within a set of set parameters.

8 Duras Sisters: Chaotic Evil

A chaotic evil alignment represents a personality-driven by cruelty and self-interest. Nothing is sacred to these twisted individuals. In the TNG universe, this dark energy is best represented by the sisters of the house of Duras. Most Klingons are bound by a profound sense of honor.

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But not these demented sisters. These two are obsessed with power and revenge. They funded their exploits by selling bilitrium to Kohn-ma terrorists. Disregarding honor and the Klingon way of life the sisters of House Duras spread chaos wherever they go. They used their young nephew as a political pawn in an attempted power grab and began a civil war among their own people.

7 Picard: Lawful Good

Star Trek Picard New Uniform

Jean Luc Picard is a man driven by a code. He is principled, disciplined and focused. Jean Luc is a man who knows what he believes in and he stands behind it. Lawful good characters live by a clearly defined code of ethics and seldom stray from it. Think of a law-obsessed Sherrif or perhaps a Starfleet Captain who faithfully adheres to his regulations.

There are many noteworthy examples of Starfleet officers who regularly defy even the prime directive. Kirk, for example, was referred to as "a menace" by the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations because he just couldn't seem to stop meddling in other civilizations and timelines. Picard couldn't be more different. He doggedly upholds the honor of his title. He's a man who respects rules and policies.

6 Worf: Lawful Neutral

Worf is a man bound by tradition and honor. This does lean away from true neutrality a bit but the character isn't entirely inflexible. Worf has surprised his fans before. A lawful neutral character respects authority and rules. They're neither good nor evil but rely on logic and principals to guide their choices.

Worf is not self-serving nor self-sacrificing unless honor dictates. He's a Klingon and a Starfleet officer. Both influence his moral code and belief system.

5 Tomalak: Lawful Evil

The lawful evil alignment represents those who have no problem bending ethical rules so long as their actions appear above board. Think corrupt politicians who serve only their own interests but never seem to get caught breaking the law. The lawful evil alignment fits the whole of Romulan culture but it's especially fitting for Commander Tomalak.

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Tomalak is an evil character who usually functions within the confines of the law. He did violate the Romulan Neutral Zone but had a convenient excuse. He claimed the event was due to a navigation failure. The commander faced off with the USS Enterprise but managed to keep his hatred in check. He could easily have decimated the ship but he instead chose to back down after the safe return of a Romulan crew member.

4 Beverly Crusher: Neutral Good

Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher and others of her profession embody the neutral good alignment. Driven by a desire to help and to heal, she is a source of comfort and positivity to her crew. She's also a woman of science and is informed by verifiable facts rather than by faith or myth. Neutral good characters have no allegiance to any creed. In Beverly's case, her profession informs her judgment.

She remains undecided until all of the facts and information are in. With a calm, cool head she treats the crew of her ship. Despite her emotionally difficult career, Dr. Crusher has never lost her empathy or genuine care. Her desire to give of herself for the benefit of others is proof of her good nature.

3 Q: Chaotic Neutral

Q is is the definition of chaos. This god-like entity has the power to control space, time, and the fabric of reality. He finds limitless pleasure in toying with the lives of Starfleet officers and crewmen alike. Q has no loyalty to any creed or dogma.

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He exists to endlessly pursue his own interests and sate his own curiosity. He adheres to no code of law or ethics. Q is unpredictable. The demigod is able to change his appearance at the drop of a hat and assume any form. He is unbound by even the laws of the universe. With nothing guiding his choices and behavior he is truly an agent of chaos.

2 Lwaxana Troi: Chaotic Good

Majel Barrett as Lwaxana Troi on Star Trek

Manic, spirited, mischievous. These are the traits of a chaotic good character. Like all good characters, Lawaxana has a code of ethics that she lives by. Well known for her flamboyant and sometimes tragic life she embodied chaos.

Her flirtatious nature was a constant source of embarrassment for her daughter Deana. Lawaxana was a lover of people without a mean bone in her body. As an ambassador of her planet and people, she was often a controversial character. She was bound to bring fun and playfulness wherever she went.

1 The Borg: Neutral Evil

The Borg has a singular goal; to assimilate the universe. They aren't biased by hatred or prejudice. They see all life as a flawed system that they can improve. There are no sides. There is simply the drive to assimilate. They lack even the most basic sense of empathy or compassion. The Borg doesn't care.

Lacking any real respect for the law but behaving within a set of strict parameters the Borg is neutral. The basic respect for life that pervades most cultures does not extend to the borg. All life is equally seen as fodder for assimilation. There is no hope for mercy or conscious. The Borg is all-consuming and without empathy.

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