The Star Trek franchise is making a comeback, with a third film set to hit theaters next month and a new TV series airing next year. Some might say that it hasn’t really dropped in popularity since the Original Series first aired in the ’60s, but others would argue that the years of Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek: Enterprise were a less-than-stellar period in the franchise’s history. Either way, Star Trek is back aboard the reboot train. The new films are rock-solid, and there are high hopes for the upcoming series.

However, the current appetite for reboots and the lack of information about the new series has some fans wondering: could we be seeing a remake of a classic Star Trek chapter in the near future? For many, Star Trek: The Next Generation remains the jewel in the crown of the sci-fi franchise, and it would be incredible to see it re-created in the way that the Original Series has been on the big screen. It may just be a pipe dream, but if a Next Generation reboot is on the way, we’ve already come up with the perfect cast…

(Note: This casting attempts to find new actors with a very similar physical appearance to the original cast. Although gender or race-bending would be welcome in a reboot, we’ve chosen to go for a more straightforward recasting.)

12. Q – John Barrowman

q What If Star Trek: The Next Generation Were Cast Today

The mischievous Q is a recurring character in The Next Generation – a member of an omnipotent race, played by John DeLancey. Despite having power of all of time and space, Q develops something of a fascination with Picard and the crew of the Enterprise. He often appears to set them “tests” or play elaborate games with the crew – treating them casually, although they are often life-threatening situations. Although he first appears as something of a villain, Q later becomes more of a friendly face – but he is still far from human.

John Barrowman, known for his roles in Doctor Who, its spin-off Torchwood, and more recently, Arrow, has just the kind of ageless playfulness to bring Q back to life. He is used to crossing the line between friend and foe, and has a boundless energy that would be perfect for this role.

11. Tasha Yar – Gwendoline Christie

tasha yar What If Star Trek: The Next Generation Were Cast Today

Lieutenant Tasha Yar has been described as one of the original “strong women” in sci fi – a security officer, with a tragic and violent past, she gave everything to Starfleet. Although she dies early on in the series, the character is resurrected during a story arc that sees an alternate timeline created, and she is able to avoid her death thanks to some timely advice from Guinan.

Portrayed by Denise Crosby, she is much more than just a “strong woman” – much like the character of Brienne of Tarth, played by Gwendoline Christie. Another female character with a somewhat masculine appearance, Brienne has a lot in common with Tasha – including some unexpected romantic moments. Gwendoline would be a phenomenal choice for a reboot of the series.