Star Trek Taking A Lesson From Cloverfield

Considering the monster success (yes, that was on purpose) of Paramount's Cloverfield this past weekend, due in no small part to the viral marketing campaign that preceded it, it looks like they may be applying the same idea to J.J. Abram's new Star Trek movie.

The teaser trailer is pretty mysterious for such a well-known franchise and now Paramount has also launched what I presume to be the first in a series of viral sites for the film at

Over at they've already dissected the site and revealed the images that are there so far. Nothing exciting really: just more images of the construction of the Enterprise... except for ONE cool thing.

An interior shot of a corridor on the ship.

Check out this enlarged and photoshopped version:

My thought on the above image is that what Abrams and company are doing is taking the look of the first Star Trek movie and they are going backwards from those designs, as opposed to going forward from the original TV series designs.

So far the exterior skin of the ship and the interior corridors are reminiscent of the early movie versions of the refitted NCC-1701. While ultra-strict purists may balk, for the average fan, this is both familiar and also doesn't leave as much room for complaint since it actually fits with the Trek universe since the original better than the original itself.

Smart guy, that Abrams fellow.

The corridors have the outer framework outline used in the original cast films, but the color scheme seems to be taking a cue from the failed TV series Star Trek: Enterprise.

Head on over to the site and have a peek.

Thanks again to Anthony at for alerting us to the site and for finding the hidden image.

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