Some New 'Star Trek' Stills

In the wake of the positive buzz surrounding J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek and the success of its two premieres this week; we have had some new video clips become available as well as several new images.

These stills from the movie give us a good look at some of the iconic Enterprise crew members as well as some of the scene backdrops we’ll be seeing throughout the film, including the updated Shuttlecraft.

Take a look and see what you think:

Zoe Saldana as Uhura in Star Trek

Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura

Simon Pegg as Scotty

Spock and a roughed-up James T. Kirk

Boarding the shuttlecraft

Spacediving onto the Romulan drilling platform

Phaser fire on the Romulan installation

Spock on Enterprise Bridge

Zachary Quinto's Spock on the new Enterprise Bridge

This movie is looking better and better as the release date approaches!

The cast includes Leonard Nimoy, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Bruce Greenwood, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana, Eric Bana, Winona Ryder and Ben Cross. It is of course written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

What do you think of the images and will you be seeing this movie next month?

Star Trek opens May 8, 2009 and I'll be there.


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