8Cadet Gaila

Rachel Nichols as Gaila

Sometimes a character is onscreen for a short time but makes such an impression based on how much sexiness they added to a scene. This is the case with Cadet Gaila, played by Rachel Nichols, who starred in SyFy's Continuum.

In the Star Trek reboot of 2009, Cadet Gaila roomed

with Nyota Uhura. Gaila slept with lots of people, one of whom was James T. Kirk in Gaila's first scene. She told Kirk she thought she was in love with him. Kirk only replied, "That is so weird." Their intimacy was interrupted by Uhuru when she came into the room. Kirk was hidden under the bed, but he eventually revealed himself. Later, Gaila had a quick scene where she was assigned to a Starship.

What made Gaila especially steamy in the movie was the way she lay nonchalantly on the bed talking to Uhuru. Her beauty and confidence were the perfect combination. Did Kirk make a mistake not falling in love with her?

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