The original Enterprise that we saw in Star Trek: The Original Series was held together with tape and string. Starships were powered by dilithium crystals, which could not be replicated and had a tendency to be temperamental.

A lot of the problems with dilithium were ironed out by the time period of The Next Generation, which meant that the writers needed to come up with different reasons for the ship to break down. In The Original Series, the Enterprise was held together by a single man, whose intimate knowledge of the workings of machinery was all that saved the crew from destruction on many occasions.

His name was Montgomery Scott, and he was one of the greatest engineers in Starfleet history. He was played by James Doohan, who had lived a fascinating life before the idea of Star Trek ever entered Gene Roddenberry’s mind.

We are here today to celebrate the life of one of the greatest Star Trek characters of all time, as well as the incredible man who played him.

From his current status in the canon of the series, to one of the most misquoted lines in television history, here are the 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Scotty from Star Trek.

15. Scotty Is Still Alive In Star Trek Online

James Doohan Star Trek: 15 Things You Didnt Know About Scotty

The Star Trek reboot movies established the creation of a new timeline, due to a Romulan named Nero, who went back to the past and changed history. Fans wondered if this meant that the TV shows that took place after Enterprise had now been wiped out from continuity. The answer lies in a video game, as the original TV show universe of Star Trek is continued in the world of Star Trek Online.

Scotty froze himself in time in The Next Generation episode called “Relics”, and thus he is still alive in Star Trek Online, where he can be encountered in several different missions. Scotty is voiced by James Doohan’s son, Christopher.

When Leonard Nimoy passed away in real life, his character was also allowed to pass away in the Star Trek reboot universe. Scotty is not the only living member of the original Enterprise crew, however, as Pavel Chekov has become a temporal agent.

14. The Deleted Death Of Scotty’s Nephew

Scotty Star Trek Wrath of Khan Star Trek: 15 Things You Didnt Know About Scotty

In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, there is a scene where Scotty looks on sadly as a member of the engineering crew of the Enterprise dies from wounds he suffered when the ship was attacked. Khan used the USS Reliant to attack the Enterprise and tried to incapacitate the ship by attacking the engineering section. The young engineer did not abandon his post and thus his actions may have saved the Enterprise and her crew.

The reason Scotty looks so sad (other than the fact that he’s witnessing the death of a young man) is because the crew member was his nephew. The character’s name was Peter Preston, and he was the youngest son of Scotty’s sister.

There were scenes recorded for the movie which explained their familial link, but were later removed for the theatrical release. These scenes were added back in for certain television showings of The Wrath of Khan, though, and can be found in the numerous home releases of the movie.