Star Trek Scotty Casting Rumor Off The Mark?

[UPDATE: Scotty and Sulu have been cast!]

With every day that goes by it seems the casting for the upcoming Star Trek prequel (not called Star Trek 11) is getting closer to competion. We already have Spock (Heroes' 30 year old Zachary Quinto), Uhura (29 year old Zoe Saldana), and Chekov (18 year old Anton Yeltsin). The front runner right now to play Kirk is 28 year old Mike Vogel.

So the fact that we're now hearing that 38 year old Paul McGillion, who played Dr. Carson Beckett on Stargate: Atlantis (and was killed off last season) is in the running to play ship's engineer Scotty, seems a bit off the mark when it comes to his age.

McGillion is about 10 years older than the rest of the cast, and if you recall, Matt Damon was put out of the running to play Captain Kirk because he was too old and he's about to turn 37. I'm not saying that McGillion wouldn't make a fantastic Scotty... it just seems that he's outside the curve when it comes to his age. Scotty is about the same age as Kirk in the Star Trek universe, so unless they go out of their way to really try to make him look younger, it may seem odd to long time fans. On the other hand, over at commentors are frothing at the mouth in excitement over the possibility of this actor playing Scotty, so what do I know?

Still, I think you could easily cast an actor 10 years older than the rest for the role of Dr. McCoy since he's always been older in the Trek mythos. Considering McGillion's heavy association with having played the Scottish doctor on Stargate: Atlantis, I seriously doubt that they'd ask him to dump the accent and play McCoy.

A shoutout to Rope of Silicon for sparking the idea for this post. :-)

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