16Big Screen Television

It’s hard to think now of what watching the original series of Star Trek at the time of its initial broadcast would have been like. Televisions of the 1960s were a far cry from the large, high definition marvels of modern life, and it’s no doubt that the limitations

of the TV sets of the era went some way to hide the less impressive elements of production, such as poorly choreographed fights and cheesy special effects, which modern viewers of the show enjoy poking fun at.

It’s interesting to think that in many ways, Star Trek pioneered the idea of large screen displays – when the show initially debuted, the idea of a large television or computer screen that displayed lifelike visuals was completely unheard of. In the years since Star Trek first aired, great advancements have been made in producing bigger, brighter, and clearer television sets – that the show predicted this development decades before the technology was a reality is a pretty impressive insight into the future.

Captain Kirk Using a Communicator in Star Trek
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