For Star Trek, Quentin Tarantino Might Direct An Extra Movie

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For a shot at the Star Trek franchise, Quentin Tarantino would direct one additional film before officially retiring as a filmmaker. Throughout his long career as a director, Tarantino has paid homage to all kinds of film genres; everything from Westerns to Asian martial arts pictures to Blaxploitation to car-based grindhouse movies. It's a big part of Tarantino's identity that the guy just loves old movies, and has famously put all of that old knowledge to use in his work over the years.

One genre Tarantino hasn’t dealt with a lot in his work is science-fiction. He’s never made a sci-fi movie or expressed a whole lot of interest in in it in any of his past work, nor have his various genre pastiches usually included sci-fi (although he did attempt to direct an episode of The X-Files in the 1990s before a union dispute scuttled that plan). But with Tarantino vowing to retire after making two more movies, might he take a dive into one of the most beloved science-fiction series of all time, before he’s done?

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When TMZ asked Tarantino if he would direct a Star Trek movie, the filmmaker said that the idea “would be worth having a meeting about,” before confirming that he indeed plans to only make two more movies. The genesis of the question appears to be from a different interview, in which Tarantino stated that he would rather direct a Star Trek movie than a Star Wars film. In the same interview, the director praised J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek film from 2009 but criticized its 2013 follow-up, Star Trek Into Darkness.

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Should we expect Tarantino to line up to make a Star Trek movie? Probably not. For one thing, Tarantino being asked on-the-spot if he would be interested in tackling a Star Trek film isn't at all the same thing as him actually taking a meeting to do so (or even being shortlisted to work on something like the still-in-development Star Trek 4). Furthermore, Tarantino, for all the Hollywood clout that he has amassed over the years, has never, to anyone’s knowledge, made any serious attempt to work in the Star Trek franchise or any similar blockbuster property.

If Tarantino is truly only going to make two more films, then most of his fans would no doubt prefer that he focus his efforts on developing yet another original project (as all of his directorial efforts to date have been), rather than a IP with a long history, like Star Trek. But, as always, one never knows for certain what the future could hold.

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Source: TMZ

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