Cool Star Trek Poster Art From SDCC 2016

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In a summer moviegoing season of rather disappointing blockbusters, Star Trek Beyond emerged as a breath of fresh air. Meeting critical praise and opening at the number one spot at the box office, the latest sequel in the rebooted Star Trek franchise worked as an amalgamation of both the television program as well as the exciting new film series.

Walking the line between honoring the original television program along with providing fans with an action blockbuster, Star Trek Beyond worked as arguably the best melding of both mediums within the rebooted series. For a franchise that is now celebrating its 50th anniversary and the release of its latest film, a handful of artists have created alternate artwork posters that work with the series's current tone, while paying homage to the franchise's historic roots.

Wooden Nickel Art Works, an outlet for high-quality, limited-edition art pieces, released three premium Star Trek-inspired prints. Of which, the first two (the same print available in two sizes) were directly inspired by the franchise's latest film, while the other two posters harken back to the original television series (all seen below).

Star Trek Beyond inspired print
Christopher Shy - Beyond 18x24 / 24x36 Giclee Edition of 150 / 75 $65 / $115
Join Starfleet Star Trek inspired print
Lyndon Willoughby - Join Starfleet 36x12 5-Color Screen Print Edition of 100 $40
Join Starfleet Variant Star Trek inspired print
Lyndon Willoughby - Join Starfleet Variant 36x12 6-Color Screen Print Edition of 50 $60

Christopher Shy's piece "Beyond" is a direct reference to the series' latest installment; beautifully created with colors and images that suggest an otherworldly journey that mirrors themes within the film itself. Below Shy's work is Lyndon Willoughby's "Join Starfleet" and its variant, both of which are fun plays on nostalgia, cleverly designed as Starfleet recruitment posters but still containing imagery that resembles classic sci-fi.

Christopher Shy is a freelance artist who has been creating photorealistic sci-fi and fantasy artwork since the 1990s. He is most notably recognized as the creator of Studio Ronin, but he is currently working with Wooden Nickel Art Works to release various pieces from his catalog. Lyndon Willoughby is a Texas-based graphic designer and illustrator best known for his various film, television, and video game-inspired variant pieces.

Like a fair amount of film and television related art prints, these pieces debuted at SDCC 2016, but for those looking to get their hands on one now, they are available for purchase at Wooden Nickel Art Works' website. These are all limited edition prints, so once the pieces are gone, they are gone. Fans  unable to attend Comic-Con should consider themselves lucky that prints such as these are still available, seeing as how many of these outlets specialize in Comic-Con exclusive merchandise.

Star Trek Beyond is currently playing in theaters.

Source: Wooden Nickel Art Works

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