7 Brand New Star Trek Images: Crew, New Bridge And More! [UPDATED]

You're looking at the first image of a scene from the upcoming J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie.

It looks like Zachary Quinto is going "Sylar" on a fellow crewmember as Spock.

The image above comes from the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly, which you can be sure I will be running out to purchase. Supposedly there are a lot more pictures from the movie, which will no doubt be hitting the web within the next week or so.

The image above looks pretty damned cool - note the subtle detail in the fabric of Spock's tunic. It's faithful to the original, yet updated. I like it.

On the other hand, the following picture (which I saw online before the one above) did NOT give me the warm fuzzies about the movie.

Is it me, or does that picture make Spock and Kirk look sort of... metrosexual? In particular, Chris Pine (at least in this picture) does not give off a Shatner-Kirk vibe to me. At all. And by that I mean a roguish, tough, devil-may-care kind of look.

Now I'm not going to make judgments based on photographer-posed image from the cover of EW. I'm betting that the images inside the issue that show scenes from the film, along with the upcoming first full Star Trek trailer attached to Quantum of Solace will give us a much better feel for the characters and the movie.

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

For a larger version of the Spock image head over to AICN.

UPDATE BONUS: Joblo has the first look at Eric Bana as bad guy Romulan, Nero. Click on this image to see a much bigger version plus an exclusive interview with one of the producers:

Eric Bana as Nero in a scene from the new Star Trek movie

MORE UPDATES: Wow, images are coming out fast and furious! Here are another couple, the first one from, the second from TrekMovie and the third one from MTV, giving us our first look at the redesigned bridge of the Enterprise! Finally there's an image from IGN showing Kirk escaping from a crashed escape pod of some sort.

Click on each of them to visit those sites for super hi-res versions:

The new cast/crew of Star Trek

The USS Kelvin from the new Star Trek movie

First look at the new bridge of the NCC-1701!

Kirk escaping a crashed escape pod

EW cover image source: JustJared

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