Star Trek: Operation Enterprise Ride Opens in Germany

After over 50 years of television series, movies and comic books in the Star Trek franchise, "Trekkies" finally have a presence at a major worldwide amusement park.

According to, the roller coaster Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is now open and operational at Movie Park Germany, one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe. After a "soft rollout" throughout the month of May, the ride officially opened its doors to all audiences this week.

The Trek experience appears to take aesthetic cues from the Patrick Stewart-led Star Trek: the Next Generation as opposed to the William Shatner-led original series or the new J.J. Abrams films. The riders assume the role of Starfleet cadets aboard a ship that is in close proximity to the Galaxy Class USS Enterprise. The crew of the Enterprise are on their way to a United Federation of Planets meeting when they are attacked by a Borg enemy ship (there's a A Borg cube replica on display as well). The crew is taken prisoner and the ship is left caught in a tractor beam with no personnel aboard. In an attempt to aid the escape, the mission of the riders is to destroy the main systems of the Borg ship through wild twists and turns.

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Operation Enterprise is the first licensed Star Trek ride in the world,  as riders will traverse through an exciting adventure that celebrates the extensive history of the series. The adventure begins at Federation Plaza, where Star Trek fans can shop for merchandise and grab a bite to eat. Riders then enter the main building, where they are greeted by dozens of famous Star Trek props and images as they wait in line. As they make their way through the line, "Trekkies" will traverse through a holodeck area, two transporter rooms, until the cadets-in-training finally make their way onto the bridge of TNG's U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D.

Operation Enterprise is what's known as a "triple launch coaster",  taking the riders through several climbs and drops. The coaster also features the first twisted half pipe in any European roller coaster. The twisted half pipe is additionally the second highest element at the Movie Park Germany location.

The ride features music composed by the IMA Score of Germany and performed by the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra. The score for the ride takes a ton of cues from the music of the TV shows and movies, but also adds additional arraignments unique to the ride.

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise lets you walk the Enterprise-D Bridge

In a statement released by Movie Park General Manager Thorsten Backhaus, he expresses the excitement that the park has with the opening of their new space-based adventure:

“We’re incredibly proud of our new themed attraction. It’s a roller coaster that gives guests an adrenaline rush and much more, because it takes them right into the heart of the Star Trek universe before the ride even begins, making them part of the story."

Star Trek's presence in an amusement park is long overdue, especially when other similar properties like Star Wars and Avatar not only have presences at major parks, but entire sections dedicated to them. This ride will hopefully tide "Trekkies" over until the release of Star Trek: Discovery this fall.

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