Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise

Star Trek fans have been VERY passionate in their opinions of the redesigned NCC-1701 (seen above). While a few people have stated they like the new design, the VAST majority disliked it (to put it mildly). When we posted the first image of the new USS Enterprise, that image received over 140 comments.

But today (thanks to we have some images looking at the redesigned ship from some different angles which may change your mind to the positive.

When the first trailer was released and we had a couple of brief glimpses of it in motion, some people (myself included) started to come around on the new design. People started saying "Maybe in motion on the big screen the ship would look better." After all the NCC-1701D from The Next Generation is pretty hideous from a couple of angles.

Now these aren't official images of the Enterprise - they were created by professional CGI artist Tobias Richter, the owner of The Light Works graphic studio in Germany. He's actually done Star Trek renders in the past for The Official Star Trek Magazine (which you can see over at his site).

Tobias didn't have any official wireframes or dimensions to go off of in the creation of these pics, he eyeballed the design from images, TV clips and trailers. He filled in the blanks with his own ideas where there was no detail available, but in the final analysis he did a heck of a job.

A familiar angle on the new USS Enterprise

Another view of the NCC-1701 we've seen many times

A 3/4 rear view from above of the Enterprise

3/4 rear view of the ship

Finally, the new Enterprise approaches the USS Kelvin

The front part of the nacelles still look to big in proportion to everything else, and I still wish that they were spread a bit farther apart. But having said that, I must admit the ship is growing on me somewhat. I'm betting they've shot it from angles that highlight its best qualities in the upcoming Star Trek reboot.

For even more images and much higher res versions you can set as your computer desktop, head over to To see more of Tobias Richter work head over to The Light Works.

So based on these new images, what do you think? Do you still hate the redesigned Enterprise or is it looking better to you?

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

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