15Lost the Wrath of Khan director and rejected LeVar Burton

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Nicholas Meyer is well-known to Star Trek fans as the director of Wrath of Kahn and Undiscovered Country. When producer Rick Berman asked Meyer to direct Nemesis, Meyer expressed interest. However, before filming would begin, Meyer stated he’d want to completely rewrite the script. Berman had to refuse since he had

given John Logan control over the story and screenplay. Because Berman wouldn’t allow a full rewrite, Meyer declined the directing offer.

At this point, Berman thought about asking LeVar Burton to direct the movie since the actor had directed quite a few episodes of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Many thought Burton would easily get the opportunity like Jonathan Frakes had been given with First Contact and Insurrection, but Paramount executives rejected Berman’s proposal and told Berman to get someone else.

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