12Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)


The least profitable of all the Trek films, Nemesis (the tenth film in the series) is notorious for breaking the rule that “equal-numbered Trek movies are good, odd ones are bad.” Nemesis fails for a mere two reasons: the uninspired work of director Stuart Baird and the general feeling that the franchise had

finally run out of ideas.

The whole “Captain meets polar opposite of himself plus throw in a superweapon plus throw in a heroic sacrifice of logical crew member” has a bargain-bucket Wrath of Khan feel to it. Indeed, director Stuart Baird was very open about having seen the previous movies but never the TV shows, indicating that he would be looking at the more action-heavy elements of the series as opposed to the more faithful Trek themes, such as exploring what it means to be human.

Shinzon (Tom Hardy) does well with what he has, playing a younger, evil clone of Picard, but as the movie so heavy-handedly states over and over again, he’s a copy of what’s gone before and adds little to Trek canon.

Overall, Nemesis is a by-the-numbers action movie. The initial diplomatic efforts of the crew, along with any character arcs, are swiftly brushed aside to set up the space-battle between the Enterprise and Shinzon’s Scimitar. Far from unwatchable, it lacks the humanity of what Star Trek is. It boldly goes nowhere the crew hasn’t already been before.

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