Star Trek Movie: The Enterprise Is NOT Built In 'Area 51'

Hard core and long time Star Trek fans (like myself) are known to freak out when what is known as "canon" is violated when it comes to any additions to the Star Trek universe in movies or TV shows. We're a picky bunch and sometimes it seems that it's too much about the details, plus as it turns out, even trusted Trek episodes often violate canon with no outcry from the fans (there's a YouTube video at the end of this article that proves it).

However some things are foundational to the core of Star Trek to fans, especially those regarding the "lady" of the franchise: The USS Enterprise.

Lately the rumors have been flying fast and furious, with increasing intensity since the first official image of the USS Enterprise that comes from the new trailer was released - that it was going to be portrayed as having been constructed in the infamous location known as "Area 51."

Well folks, we have verification from the source that this is NOT true.

Over at the most excellent, Robert Orci confirms that while much of the ship is constructed on Earth, this construction definitely does NOT take place in Area 51: Can you confirm that it was San Francisco and not Area 51.

Roberto Orci: I can only confirm that it is not Area 51.

So there you have it. At least on that particular issue, fans can now cool their jets. :-)

And I have to say I like the following comment about the toughness of the NCC-1701:

[T]he second thing is that the Enterprise is not some flimsy yacht that has to be delicately treated and assembled. The idea that things have to be assembled in space has normally been associated with things that don’t have to be in any kind of pressure situation and don’t ever have to ever enter a gravity well. That is not the case with the Enterprise. The Enterprise actually has to sustain warp, which we know is not actually moving but more a warping of space around it.

I believe this is a great take on the design and I have heard from another source that the ship will be doing some amazing things in the film and will be conveyed as being extremely powerful.

I recommend you head on over for the full interview if you're a fan and want to know more about their approach to the movie.

And just for fun, here's a great video that shows how much canon has already been violated in existing Star Trek. :-)


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