Star Trek: 20 Most Attractive Characters

As incredible as the Star Trek science, stories, costumes and gadgets are, the characters are what have truly made the show last this long. Not only are the characters in the Star Trek universe multi-dimensional, with complex arcs and ever-evolving personalities, but they're pretty attractive, too.

With so many TV and film incarnations, it's almost impossible to catalog every dreamboat in the Star Trek universe. How many adults now cringe remembering their first crush on Wesley Crusher as tweens, even if Wil Wheaton turned out pretty great as an adult? Long before Famke Janssen destroyed Professor X as Jean Grey, she was the beautiful Kamala on The Next Generation. From the boyishly handsome Q in multiple Star Treks to Deep Space Nine's Jadzia Dax to Discovery's riveting Jason Issacs as Captain Lorca, we really could list Star Trek cuties all day. There's the rugged William Riker, Ashley Judd's lovely Robin Lefler and of course, everyone's favorite android to use, Data.

But if you had to pick just 20 swoon-worthy characters, there would probably be a great variety across life, civilizations, and galaxies where no one has gone before.

These are the 20 Most Attractive Characters in Star Trek.

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20 Beverly Crusher

Gates McFadden brought a certain soft but strong quality to The Next Generation's Commander Beverly Crusher. Crusher's look seemed more apropos in a 1920s romantic film than a science fiction TV show, but her modern uniform melded well with her gentle features and pale skin. As the Chief Medical Officer on board, she also wowed us with her intellect and kindness.

Sure, she had Wesley as her son, which could be annoying, but those waves of red hair, intelligent eyes and fearlessness made her such an attractive character. There's more than one reason why Captain Piccard was so enamored with her and we all pretty much wanted her as our own doctor. At age 68, today she still has killer grace and style, which is why she still makes guest appearances on popular shows like NCIS.

19 Captain James T. Kirk

Sure, William Shatner's Kirk could be downright sexist in the original Star Trek, but he was also the original hottie who made people tune in to the series. Fans either wanted to be Captain Kirk or date him, no matter the random pauses in his speech. Say what you will about Shatner today, but the man could command the screen in his younger years.

Today, Chris Pine is just as compelling and even more dreamy than his predecessor. Some say that he didn't really fill Shatner's shoes or that his portrayal was merely adequate, but we would argue that he's a much more pensive character whose empathy really makes him both a good captain and much more attractive. This Kirk is a lonelier, less charming version of the captain, but he's easier to relate to and he's got a much better jawline.

18 Captain Kathryn Janeway

Star Trek Voyager Janeway Kate Mulgrew

She's still the only female captain of the Star Trek franchise who was also the lead character and while we adore her, we do hope that changes soon. Captain Kathryn Janeway, played by the formidable and striking Kate Mulgrew (who is just as hot as Red in Orange is the New Black), was the lead on Voyager.

Fans tuned in each week for her charisma as well as her leadership. Janeway fought to integrate two broken crews, hired an ex-criminal and fought for the rights of a hologram. She even gave her support to a Borg.

Breaking glass ceilings is only one thing that Janeway was known for. One of the most beloved female action heroes, she ranks up there with Princess Leia and Sarah Connor. We still don't know how she managed to command a room with her cool, sometimes even scary stride and still be so dang gorgeous.

17 Dr. McCoy

Bones Mccoy (Karl Urban) in Star Trek Beyond

Although the original Dr. Leonard McCoy, played by DeForest Kelley, was an intriguing and beloved character, he wasn't considered one of the most attractive cast members of the series. When Karl Urban took the role for the 2009 reboot, eyes simply goggled. We didn't even have more than a trailer to go on and we were already hooked because, let's face it, with his intense gaze and amazing hair, Urban is striking no matter his role.

McCoy's divorce in this parallel universe may have left him nothing but his bones - a line Urban threw in to explain the doctor's nicknam -, but we happen to see much more than that. He's tall, dark and exceptionally handsome - we only wish the film had kept his New Zealand accent.

Urban's delivery of both snarky one-liners and stabby injections were some fans' favorite movie moments.

16 Tasha Yar

Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar in Star Trek The Next Generation

She usually makes everyone's list of most beautiful people on Star Trek. Tasha Yar, played by Denise Crosby, only had one season on Star Trek, but she had the look of a Star Wars rebel. You couldn't let her short, feathered blonde hair and soft features fool you; she was chief of security on the Enterprise and she was one tough and lovely woman. Data even kept a hologram of her after she died.

The loss of Yar was a big one, since she had the potential to develop into one of the most interesting characters on the show. Some say she was the first step toward Katee Sackhoff's Kara Thrace on Battlestar Gallactica. Yar's death is also considered one of the worst deaths the writers ever gave to a character.

15 Sulu

Star Trek Sulu George Takei John Cho

"Oh myyyyy" may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of George Takei's Sulu, but it's not just because he was such a cutie. The commanding officer was also an intelligent astrophysicist who was chosen to present a peaceful representation of Asia in the original series. Lean and lithe, Sulu is described by Spock as "At heart a swashbuckler out of the 18th century," which pretty much sums up why we think he's so attractive. Spock's always been good at that.

The handsome actor John Cho took over the role of Sulu in the most recent Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond films. Cho said bringing a masculine quality was important to him during filming and he spent weeks training to be a fit fighter. We noticed, John.

14 B'Elanna Torres

Roxann Dawson as BElanna Torres in Star Trek Voyager

Half-human and half-Klingon, B'Elanna Torres is a complex character who experiences conflict between her two races.  Roxann Dawson was one of the first Voyager stars to be cast, and while she says that her original look included a much more pronounced Klingon appearance, we are sure she was just as striking with the heavier makeup and Klingon teeth. She's known for her muted Klingon cranial ridges, bob of sleek dark hair, and penetrating brown eyes.

B'Elanna has a dark, dangerous side, which is both intriguing and heartbreaking. From pregnancy to depression, we've seen her experience so much in her life that has made us both relate to and care for her. Her strength and appearance make her an alluring and interesting character.

13 Trip Tucker

Trip Tucker from Star Trek: Enterprise

As Enterprise's Chief Engineer, Trip Tucker was the ship's blond, wholesome-looking scientist who didn't exactly follow his head as much as his heart, which led to some pretty reckless decision-making. What's not hot about recklessness? Trip's conventional good looks helped him enter many relationships, most of which he insists involved him being a perfect gentleman.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about Trip, though, is his brain. Facing issues aboard the ship that no other engineer had encountered, Trip is known for his outside-the-box thinking and problem-solving skills. He even broke the warp speed records, which is akin to athletic prowess of the cranium.

Plus, he was the first man to become pregnant, so we know he has wicked empathetic skills in the relationship department. Of course, we'd have to ask T'Pol, the Vulcan who stole his heart, to be sure.

12 Deanna Troi

Marina Sirtis

A soothing, lyrical voice. Ridiculously long, curly black hair. Commander Deanna Troi of The Next Generation is a gorgeous half-Human, half-Betazoid who can soothe damaged souls, offer sound counsel, and sense emotions. She makes up half of a power couple with her Imzadi, Commander William Riker.

Troi is a chocolate lover and, like Kirk, the kind of person you either want to be or date. Her trusting, kind nature makes her an unfortunate target for enemies, but she's also a formidable foe herself, using her mind as her weapon.

Show runners intended Troi to be nothing but eye candy in the beginning, even to the point where they planned to give her four breasts. Luckily for us, they decided to eventually give her the depth that makes her the character we know and love.

11 Harry Kim

Voyager's Operation Officer Harry Kim may have been brought on board to help enhance the show's multicultural cast in time when producers swore it was difficult to find young Asian actors, but dreamy actor Garret Wang made the character much more than that.

With his adorable awkwardness to clean-cut good looks, Kim was one of the most attractive cast choices. Kim is completely oblivious about flirting and attraction, which is only made cuter when you realize how smart he is to begin with. What is it about naive eggheads that we love? From his transwarp drive to mapping out routes home, Kim's exhibited his brilliance many times.

Unfortunately, many of Kim's episodes also feature him being captured by aliens and appearing physically helpless, which most fans find incredibly annoying, to say the least.

10 Kes

Whether she's got soft, rolling blonde curls or her bold pixie cut, Voyager's Ocampa Kes was a beautiful character. Played by Jennifer Lien, the "Mayfly" rapidly aged since her lifespan was only nine years, making us dread her passing with every episode, but she remained lovely during her three seasons.

Sure, she almost set her BFFs on fire when her pyrokinetic abilities started to manifest, but she quickly learned to control that. While she originally feared her powers, she later embraced and learned to use them.

We even got to see Kes become a psychic rather than a physical being, which was bittersweet as we realized it meant that she was leaving us. Kes had a unique combination of powerful abilities yet innocence, making her an intriguing and likable character.

9 Geordi La Forge

Is it that amazingly cool VISOR he wore (for most of the seasons)? Is it the way he spoke to everyone like a passionate science teacher who couldn't wait to show them how things worked? Maybe we just loved Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge because we love LeVar Burton so much. Whatever the reason, Geordi La Forge remains one of the hottest guys in Star Trek history. We could watch him zip around the Enterprise, fixing things and solving problems with the wildest ideas we've ever heard, for days. Remember the "alien baby" he had to "wean"? Or the time he took a chance and nearly sacrificed the Enterprise in order to save everyone? It worked because he's Geordi La Forge.

Whether we preferred him with his VISOR or ocular implants, La Forge's keen mind, his calm nature and his sexy grin held us captive for many a season.

8 T'Pol

Who else could make "Please, disrobe," sound so hot? The Vulcan T'Pol is one of the sexiest characters in Star Trek history. Like any Vulcan, she's generally logical, calm, and matter of fact; avoiding lies and demanding the best out of everyone around her. She also happens to be quite beautiful.

Star Trek: Enterprise commander, T'Pol was played by Jolene Blalock. The tension when she is on screen is palpable. Her most scintillating scene? A simple back rub.

We love that T'Pol's orderly personality clashed so hard with Trip Tucker, who eventually became her husband. Trip's jealousy over his own clone with T'Pol launched a story line that other fantasy/sci-fi programs, like Once Upon a Time, have since copied.

7 Worf

Lieutenant Worf in Star Trek the Next Generation

A single picture of Worf (especially if you could get him to smile!) might scare young children, yet he remains one of the most attractive characters for fans.

He has the gruff allure of a Beast for many a beauty (and other beasts) due to his rough demeanor, aggressive nature ,and brute strength. Beneath his ferociousness, however, is also a tenderness, even if it's grudging, and those moments are what Worf fans live for.

Think it's weird? Worf's own team doesn't think so. He's been romantically involved with many women, including Deanna Troi and Jadzia Dax. Worf's even been married ,and sadly, made a widower twice.

Then again, Michael Dorn, who portrays Worf on screen, is pretty good looking, and the lieutenant commander's makeup doesn't completely hide his handsome features.

6 Michael Burnham

As the prequel to The Original Series, Star Trek: Discovery is being well-received, and its amazing cast is largely the reason why. Lieutenant Commander Michael Burnham, played by The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green, is a beautiful xenoanthropologist who was raised by a Vulcan foster family.

With the logic of the Vulcans and memories of her beloved human family, Burnham is a complex character whose sense of ethics, protective nature and cleverness make her so much fun to watch. Burnham, AKA Number One, is the main character but not the captain of her ship, which is her greatest and only dream. Let's hope she gets there someday.

Burham's adoptive family also happens to make her the adoptive sister of...

5 Spock

Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto as Star Trek's Spock.

It's pretty rare to have an original portrayal equally matched (or even nearly so), but when you look at both the original Spock and the rebooted Spock, you have to admit that both are scene-stealing Vulcans.

Our beloved Leonard Nimoy is just unsurpassed in talent and presence, but Zachary Quinto gives it much more than the college try. Nimoy's Spock is intimidating, commanding, and David Bowie levels of handsome - exactly the kind of character who draws you back each week for more.

Quinto's Spock is less harsh, but just as compelling. His voice, milder than Nimoy's, delivers a more approachable yet still very alien Spock, and both men bring intelligence and compassion to their roles.

Face it: Both men make the bowl cut look incredible, and that's not easy to do.

4 Seven of Nine

Star Trek Voyager Jeri Ryan Seven of Nine 07

For years, we learned to despise the Borg, one of the worst enemies we've ever seen in the franchise. They are pretty much the Star Trek versions of Doctor Who's Cybermen. When we met Seven of Nine, however, many had a change of heart.

As characters have taught us over and over again, you can't judge a person by a species, and as Janeway assisted Seven of Nine in regaining her humanity, the sentiment rang truer than ever. Even though she replaced our beloved Kes, we knew a replacement was coming and Jeri Ryan, who played Seven of Nine, was a fantastic addition to Voyager.

Seven of Nine is incredibly gorgeous, with what are probably the most kissable lips in the franchise, which is saying a whole lot for a cyborg.

3 Captain Sisko

He's one of the hottest captains Star Trek has ever seen. Deep Space Nine's Benjamin Sisko, played by Avery Brooks, is a man of both words and action, giving us quotable lines in nearly every episode as he totally owns those who would cause him harm... most of the time.

Sisko is everything a captain should be: commanding, clever, and direct. He also happens to be super dreamy. He doesn't mince words but his humanity keeps him grounded and able to make decisions that impact his whole crew.

When Sisko calls you in to give you a lecture, you dread the boss's speech because you know it's going to be intense, truthful and what you deserve. But you're also secretly excited because he makes your knees weak. His love of baseball is also adorable.

2 Nyota Uhura

Star Trek original and reboot - Uhura

We can't even begin to express our love for Uhura in The Original Series. Not only is Nichelle Nichols utterly enchanting and talented, but Uhura was one of the first powerful black female characters on television. While she wasn't a physicist, she was a linguist and cryptography specialist, a valuable member of the team who regularly manned stations, helped save the day and eventually became a commander.

Zoe Saldana played Uhura in the recent film reboot and while she had a different look, she played the communications officer well, even consulting with Nichols at the time. Saldana is just as striking as Nichols and her presence is both compelling and alluring, particularly her relationship with Spock. Since Spock and Uhura's hinted at, but unspoken romance was forbidden during The Original Series due to racism, many reveled in the pairing in the reboot movies.

1 Captain Picard

Picard Dooms Entire Culture in Star Trek

If you were to ask out Captain Jean-Luc Picard on a date, there's only one response that you'd like to hear: "Make it so!" Patrick Stewart is the epitome of sexiness, from his clear English accent to his mannerisms, his classically handsome features to his confident walk.

As captain of the Enterprise, Stewart brought all of this to the table and more, infusing Picard with poise and warmth as well as indomitable strength, making him a near-perfect captain as well as the apple of many an eye.

Picard may not have had as many relationships as Kirk, but he sure turned just as many heads. The man still has more swagger at age 77 than most half his age and he shows no signs of stopping.


Who's your favorite Star Trek character? Let us know in the comments!

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