As incredible as the Star Trek science, stories, costumes and gadgets are, the characters are what have truly made the show last this long. Not only are the characters in the Star Trek universe multi-dimensional, with complex arcs and ever-evolving personalities, but they’re pretty attractive, too.

With so many TV and film incarnations, it’s almost impossible to catalog every dreamboat in the Star Trek universe. How many adults now cringe remembering their first crush on Wesley Crusher as tweens, even if Wil Wheaton turned out pretty great as an adult? Long before Famke Janssen destroyed Professor X as Jean Grey, she was the beautiful Kamala on The Next Generation. From the boyishly handsome Q in multiple Star Treks to Deep Space Nine’s Jadzia Dax to Discovery’s riveting Jason Issacs as Captain Lorca, we really could list Star Trek cuties all day. There’s the rugged William Riker, Ashley Judd’s lovely Robin Lefler and of course, everyone’s favorite android to use, Data.

But if you had to pick just 20 swoon-worthy characters, there would probably be a great variety across life, civilizations, and galaxies where no one has gone before.

These are the 20 Most Attractive Characters in Star Trek.

20. Beverly Crusher

Gates McFadden Star Trek: 20 Most Attractive Characters

Gates McFadden brought a certain soft but strong quality to The Next Generation’s Commander Beverly Crusher. Crusher’s look seemed more apropos in a 1920s romantic film than a science fiction TV show, but her modern uniform melded well with her gentle features and pale skin. As the Chief Medical Officer on board, she also wowed us with her intellect and kindness.

Sure, she had Wesley as her son, which could be annoying, but those waves of red hair, intelligent eyes and fearlessness made her such an attractive character. There’s more than one reason why Captain Piccard was so enamored with her and we all pretty much wanted her as our own doctor. At age 68, today she still has killer grace and style, which is why she still makes guest appearances on popular shows like NCIS.

19. Captain James T. Kirk

William Shatner and Chris Pine as Kirk in Star Trek Star Trek: 20 Most Attractive Characters

Sure, William Shatner’s Kirk could be downright sexist in the original Star Trek, but he was also the original hottie who made people tune in to the series. Fans either wanted to be Captain Kirk or date him, no matter the random pauses in his speech. Say what you will about Shatner today, but the man could command the screen in his younger years.

Today, Chris Pine is just as compelling and even more dreamy than his predecessor. Some say that he didn’t really fill Shatner’s shoes or that his portrayal was merely adequate, but we would argue that he’s a much more pensive character whose empathy really makes him both a good captain and much more attractive. This Kirk is a lonelier, less charming version of the captain, but he’s easier to relate to and he’s got a much better jawline.