What To Expect From Star Trek: Lower Decks

Here's everything we know about CBS All Access' upcoming Star Trek animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks, including its potential release date.

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CBS is currently developing a new Star Trek adult animated comedy titled Star Trek: Lower Decks, and here's everything we know about it so far. The Star Trek: Lower Decks comedy series comes from the mind of Mike McMahan, a Star Trek superfan and an alum of the popular adult animated comedy Rick & Morty.

Star Trek: Lower Decks is just one of many Star Trek series CBS is either developing on the side or actively working on in addition to another season of Star Trek: Discovery and a Discovery spinoff focused on Starfleet Captain Philippa Georgiou. Lower Decks was first announced back in 2018 with McMahan already attached as the series creator and showrunner. No casting or plot details have been release past what we already know which is that the series will focus on less-prominent Starfleet ships and their crew members.

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On May 7, McMahan confirmed on Twitter that pre-production had begun on Star Trek: Lower Decks, starting with a table read. With everything moving smoothly behind the scenes, here's everything we know about Star Trek: Lower Decks so far.

Star Trek: Lower Decks Release Date Info

No release date has been announced for Star Trek: Lower Decks yet. At a Television Critics Association presentation in July 2019, CBS All Access VP of Content Julie McNamara confirmed Lower Decks will premiere after Picard does. With Picard releasing later in 2019, it's best to prepare for the Lower Decks premiere date to be set for 2020.

Just because the series will likely arrive in the next calendar year, it doesn't mean fans will have to go without in terms of news and possible new behind-the-scenes footage or still from the show. Lower Decks will be part of CBS' Star Trek presentation at SDCC 2019. This means fans will get an even closer look at Lower Decks as well as other shows CBS is currently developing. With Lower Decks being included in the SDCC presentation, it's possible CBS will confirm when the series will officially debut on CBS All Access.

How Star Trek: Lower Decks Fits Into Canon

The premise of Star Trek: Lower Decks is such that it fits neatly within Star Trek canon because it focuses on the folks who have only been glimpsed in the background for years, across all of the Star Trek series. Those workers have long been treated like an expendable, nameless resource so the main characters of every respective series have, for the most part, ignored them. McMahan's show will re-frame the narrative and give the focus back to those who've lived and worked in the shadow of the Starfleet bigwigs.

It's unclear when exactly Lower Decks will take place within the Star Trek timeline but it could take place at any time, making it fit even more seamlessly into the established canon. It's likely Lower Decks will connect itself to established events from previous Star Trek series to help root quickly and easily within the franchise narrative, further helping to integrate it into the canon.

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