‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Interview: Alice Eve on Deleted Scenes, 'Star Trek 3,' & 'Entourage'

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Alice Eve

What was it like for you watching everyone dissect your character ahead of the release? Everybody was speculating whether or not you were actually Dr. Carol Marcus or if you had some connection to Benedict Cumberbatch's character that we didn't know. What was it like for you stepping back from that and having people so focused on a role that you were playing?

Alice Eve: On the internet? I don't follow that because it's pretty damaging if you get too into that stuff. Obviously I have a bit of an awareness because I go to the internet like everybody else but I don't get too involved in the details of those conversations just because it can hurt you if you stumble on something that's not nice.

I can understand that. What was it like for you stepping into that character? I know that you personally did a lot of research on it. I think I heard that you had watched a lot of the old movies. So what was that like?

Alice Eve: I enjoyed that actually. Any sort of [preparation]. I love what I do. The process to doing what I do is to research it and to look into the depths of the person. Especially if there's an established cannon such as there was with Star Trek so I enjoyed that process.  That's the process I enjoy; that's the creation, that's the building part of it. That's why I do what I do.

Was there anything that you specifically picked up on that you wanted to make sure that you had included about the character [from the previous incarnations]?

Alice Eve: I think that when Bibi [Besch] played her in the 1982 films with a real directness, a purpose and a strength. I definitely wanted to bring that to my Carol. But because JJ [Abrams] kind of split the timeline in 2009 it gave us a bit of room for our own interpretation. So obviously that was sort of liberating at the same time it was taking on the hallmarks of who she was as a person.

What was a hallmark that you felt you needed to make sure was in there?

Alice Eve: She's very strict with Kirk in the film in '82... when they have that screen conversation she's very strict about what she wants Kirk to do and the fact she has information at her disposal so with that information she's direct to Kirk and I guess pedagogical is the word.

Did you have conversations with JJ or anybody else early on about sowing potential romance seeds there? Because that is something that they haven't [addressed] going forward...

Alice Eve: Yes that was implicit in the trajectory and what had already been established that there was an element of chemistry there between the two of them. There is chemistry mainly because they're quite similar in their determination to achieve their end goals. So I think that they come together in that way. And they see a kindred spirit in each other.

Did the returning crew have any recommendations for you in terms of how they sort of handled the pressure of having to step into these iconic roles? You said you avoid the internet but what did they sort of say?

Alice Eve:  Even with the internet aside there's an element of JJ making an environment where you're able to feel safe. If you feel safe there's no fear or pressure. You feel that you're just there to do your job and serve the movie that everyone's making. There are thousands of people that go into making a movie like this. There's us [the actors] but there's the preproduction, there's the post production and that amounts to a lot of eyes and ears and minds so you're just a part of a big journey and a big bandwagon. You take it day by day.

Is there anywhere you'd like [to go] or physically explore with that character? You're now part of the crew.

Alice Eve: Obviously now I'd like her to take the chair [laughs]. I'd like her to continue with that sort of lacerating clarity she has about what's right and what's wrong. Which is the main focus of Star Trek as a moral line and having everyone walk that moral line. I'd like it to continue to be a force of reason on the Enterprise.

What's it like being a part of an ensemble like this? I think the film does a miraculous job of being able to serve each character individually. Everybody gets their own good moments and they're not just thrown in there they are actually developed and Carol gets those for sure. How do you serve your character also knowing that you have to fade in and out of this ensemble?

Alice Eve:  Well JJ fades you in and out and you just serve the character. I mean that's the truth of it. You turn up and you have a trajectory in your mind and your character has a journey and you're on that journey and then they do that in the edit and their balancing act is something that we're not subject to.

I think that was what struck me the most about the film how everybody was moving in and out of those moments.

Alice Eve:  He does do that much like Friends.

Were there any scenes that you had originally talked about doing that didn't make it into the film that you felt precious of with Carol?

Alice Eve: There was one scene that we shot that didn't make it into the film. That was about me explaining why I had an English accent; my mother moved to England when my father stayed in San Francisco to run Starfleet. I think that JJ felt that plot point wasn't necessary and that you didn't question it beyond the first moment. I think that made sense and we had a certain license with the split timeline.

Have you heard anything about the Entourage movie are you going to be back for that at all?

Alice Eve: You know I really loved working with those guys on Entourage. I definitely know they are looking to make a movie and I'm excited to see where that goes. See the script, hopefully it'll [happen]. I know I'd go and see it even if I was in it or not. I enjoyed [being on the show], it was great.


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