New IDW Comics Series Follows Up on Events of Star Trek Beyond

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Star Trek is slowly starting to take over the universe again while trying to cater to a modern audience but still attempting to connect with long-time fans.  With the highly-anticipated film Star Trek Beyond releasing this week, a new CBS Star Trek television series in the works, and an official confirmation of Star Trek 4 from J.J. Abrams, it's a great time to be a Trekkie.

These new additions to one of the longest-running franchises in both television and film are hoping to capture the same essence and lore of the original Star Trek TV series that first created such a massive fan base. The pressure is high, as the new Star Trek properties have to impress both long-time fans and bring in new ones to truly be considered a success.

Further celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of Star Trek, a new comic book series entitled  Star Trek: Boldly Go from IDW Publishing will debut this upcoming October. Here is the official description:

Star Trek: Boldly Go will reunite the fan-favorite Trek team of Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen on writing and art duties, respectively, and will succeed the currently running Star Trek series which will conclude after 60 universe-expanding issues, penned primarily under Johnson’s watch. Boldly Go will follow the events of Star Trek Beyond, the latest major motion picture in the ongoing cinematic saga.

Star Trek editor Sarah Gaydos explained a bit about the new series:

"What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of STAR TREK? And what better team to do it with? Mike and Tony are poised to take the series in such an exciting direction. I can't wait to introduce the world to these new characters... as well as some interesting friends and foes from the past.”

The new series will chronicle the adventures of Captain Kirk and his loyal crew that take place after the events of Star Trek Beyond. A new danger unlike anything the Federation has faced before threatens our heroes as they explore new worlds and encounter new alien species. The crew of the legendary starship USS Enterprise will also be sporting new uniforms and possibly be asking some fresh, new faces to come on board and join the team.

Take a closer look at the new uniforms of Star Trek: Boldly Go in the official image below:

Star Trek: Boldly Go will be written by Mike Johnson and illustrated Tony Shasteen, both veterans in the Trek franchise. Writer Mike Johnson is best known for penning Star Trek: Ongoing, Star Trek: Nero, Star Trek: Kahn, and Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness. Artist Tony Shasteen also an illustrator for The Vampire Diaries, The Talisman by Stephen King, and Netherworld previously worked with Johnson on Star Trek: Ongoing.

While this is exciting news, fans might be wondering how much the new comic will tie in to the current cinematic franchise. Will the books potentially spoil the events of Star Trek 4 or cease publication before the next film arrives? Either way, judging from the official artwork, Star Trek: Boldly Go looks to be an entirely different and more modern take on a very familiar fan-favorite property.

Star Trek: Boldly Go will hit store shelves this October.

Source: IDW Publishing

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