Star Trek: Eric Bana As Villain And Do We Have Kirk?

[UPDATE: Scotty and Sulu have been cast!]

Look up at the image on the left and you may be seeing (finally!) what Captain Kirk will look like in the upcoming Star Trek movie. That would be actor Chris Pine, who is possibly going to have to choose between this film and a drama where he would co-star with George Clooney.

I think that at least as far as looks Mike Vogel, the last fellow that was rumored would be a good choice as well. Actually I think that Pine is just about a dead ringer for Captain Christopher Pike more than he is for Kirk.

In other news, Eric Bana (who played Bruce Banner in the last Hulk film) will be playing the main villain in the film. He's a character named "Nero" and that's all that we know at this point.

I've said before that after having been beaten and battered by what's happened to Star Trek over the last 15 years or so with Berman and Braga at the helm I had pretty much lost hope for any really good new movies or shows. However I must admit that I'm starting to get optimistic about this new film, and that makes me excited because I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan (yes, much more so than I am a Star Wars fan: fire away!),

Everyone involved in the production is saying the right things so far in regards to their love of the series, their respect for canon, wanting to rejuvenate the franchise and their approach to this film. Over at the most excellent there are a couple of interviews with co-writer and executive producer Robert Orci that bolster my opinion of this film.

Check them out here:

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