17The Game (The Next Generation) - all ages

The game from Star Trek

A perfect one for the Pokémon Go crowd, this entry from The Next Generation has a perfect combination of kid-friendly ingredients: a video game everyone gets hooked on, and a rescue by a couple of kids and an android.

Okay, they're not quite kids, but they're the young

'uns for sure. Wesley Crusher, now in Starfleet Academy, comes to the Enterprise for a visit and encounters Ensign Robin Lefler, played to perfection by Ashley Judd. While the rest of the crew slowly falls under the spell of a game Riker brought back from shore leave, Wesley and Robin hang out and start to fall for each other. When the crew won't let up on telling them to play the new game, they not only do some technological analysis and determine that it's addictive, but also manage a great job of pretending they're playing, just to get everyone off their backs. (This is a useful trick for non-drinkers at parties, too.)

In the end, they need Data to help pull off the ship-wide rescue, but they stop the ship from being taken over by Ktarians and save the adults from their own folly.

Star Trek - The Gamesters of Triskelion
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