What Star Trek: Enterprise Season 5 Would Have Been About

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Twelve years after Star Trek: Enterprise bowed out from the airwaves, show execs André Bormanis and Brannon Braga have shared their thoughts on the series' cancellation, as well as what season 5 would have been about. The sci-fi TV show from the storied franchise ran on UPN in the mid-200s for four years. It was unfortunately canceled just before its fifth season despite the fact that work for the supposed installment has already been started - complete with a planned narrative. This has caused legions of fans to protest both at Paramount Studios and online forums with die-hards even fundraising money so that the series can have one last go for a fitting finale, however, the campaign ultimately failed even with a whopping $32 million worth of donations.

Admittedly, Enterprise had a rough start, especially in terms of piquing the interest of the general viewing audience. While its primer was well received by critics, reviews slowly leaned towards mixed reception by its second season. But the show strived and continued. It eventually got its creative footing by the start of season 3 and continued until its last outing. That said, the show's series finale was met with intense backlash - something that might have even played the part in the cancellation - and Braga acknowledges the lapse on their part and regrets how the final episode came out to be. 

The news has come from Star Trek Las Vegas convention covered by website Trek Movie where both Braga and Bormanis made an appearance. As it turns out, the fifth outing of Enterprise would have dealt with the Vulcan changes and Romulan War. But despite the promising story, Braga shared that it was probably for the best that the prequel show ended when it did saying: "I thought it was time, it needed a break, it needed some time for people to want another show."

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While the series creator believes that the cancellation was probably for the better, Bormanis has a different opinion on the matter:

"I’d hoped it’d go seven seasons, it was my first full time staff writing job, it was a great opportunity, and I had a great time doing it, and wanted it to continue.  I quickly found out that the life of a TV writer is generally feast or famine. Star Trek was an amazing 12 year run for me."

With Star Trek: Enterprise now a thing of the past, a brand new TV show from the famed sci-fi franchise is the future with Star Trek: Discovery. Like Enterprise, the upcoming CBS project finally airing next month, is a prequel to the original Star Trek series - set 10 years before the events of the saga's original narrative, it stars The Walking Dead alum, Sonequa Martin-Green, as lead character Commander Michael Burnham.

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Source: Trek Movie

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