Star Trek Enterprise: He said, she said

It seems that Conner Trinneer, who plays Cmdr. Trip Tucker on UPN's Star Trek: Enterprise and Jolene Blalock, who plays T'Pol have very different views on their characters' on-screen relationship... and it's pretty damned funny.

Here are their respective comments on the Trip/T'Pol romantic relationship...

Conner Trinneer: "...I sure hope they make it evolve, that something happens, [that] it goes in a direction..."

Jolene Blalock: "I think it's absolutely ridiculous that some catfish-eating honky-tonk guy would be appealing to this serene character..."

I don't know, maybe opposites do attract. Although I could see her hooking up with Archer over Tripp any day of the week. This was in fact shown in one of the episodes where she ended up married to Archer for many years.

Personally, I chalk up the relationship to curiousity on her part and the challenge of melting the ice queen on his.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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