Star Trek: Discovery Spock Revealed With No Beard in Enterprise Uniform [Updated]

Star Trek: Discovery's take on Spock's classic look has finally been revealed, and from an unlikely source. Arguably the most iconic character in the entire Star Trek franchise, Spock has factored heavily into Discovery's second season.

But Discovery's version of Spock - played by newcomer Ethan Peck - has been a decidedly different iteration of the character than audiences are accustomed to. After being haunted by visions from the Red Angel - eventually revealed to be Michael Burnham's long thought dead mother - Spock checked himself into a Starfleet medical facility for observation. He eventually found himself framed for murder and on the run from the nefarious Section 31, all while dealing with a deeply fractured mind. Understandably, this version of Spock has not had a lot of time to shave, and has sported an impressive, angular beard all season. He's also technically still on leave from Starfleet and has yet to appear in his classic blue uniform.

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It appears that's about to change. Via an image from the official Star Trek website, we're getting our first look at Peck's Spock in all of his Starfleet glory. The image features a clean shaven Spock giving the iconic Vulcan front of a cruise ship.

Update: The Spock image has been removed at the request of Star Trek: Discovery.

This image was almost certainly uploaded by mistake, as it would appear to be part of the promotional materials for the next Star Trek: The Cruise, a popular fan event where attendees can take a cruise with stars of the various Star Trek series. Surely this is not how CBS intended for people to get their first look at Spock in his classic duds, but it's still a compelling glimpse.

Spock is sporting the newer Starfleet uniform first seen in Discovery's season 2 premiere; the crew of the Enterprise - including Discovery's temporary captain, Christopher Pike - are shown wearing the uniforms clearly based on The Original Series look, with some modern liberties taken, like its more angular collar design. As expected, this strongly suggests that Discovery's second season will end with both Pike and Spock returning to the Enterprise to resume their missions together before a swashbuckling Iowan by the name of Kirk shows up.

And while we know where Spock is likely going to end up, there are still plenty of unanswered questions heading into the final two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery season 2. The show's brushes with time travel have led to speculation that the series is setting up a Borg origin, or may even radically alter the show's setting in season 3. No matter what the future holds for the show, it's nice to see Peck's Spock finally embrace the character's iconic look.

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