• Star Trek Online added Star Trek: Discovery content yesterday. 1 / 8

    star trek discovery TLDR vertical
  • The MMORPG added a slew of new features based around the popular show... 2 / 8

    Star Trek Online Rise of Discovery Vertical
  • ...including the addition of characters from Star Trek: Discovery. 3 / 8

    Star Trek Online Rise of Discovery Bridge Vertical
  • Both Gabriel Lorca and Ellen Landry are present and have voice acting from their television actors. 4 / 8

    Star Trek Online Bridge Vertical
  • The new content adds two new Discovery-themed missions... 5 / 8

    Star Trek Online Combat
  • ...including a journey to a frozen planet to follow a distress signal. 6 / 8

    Star Trek Online Ice Planet Vertical
  • The new update added T6 ship unlocks, new reputation, and more, so it's sizeable any way you slice it. 7 / 8

    Star Trek Online Ship Vertical
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