Star Trek: Discovery Cast Want Trump to Watch the Series

The cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery is keen for President Donald Trump to watch their show, as it turns out. It’s easy to imagine the POTUS finding an affinity for Jason Isaacs’ Captain Lorca, the morally questionable “wartime leaderwho leads the eponymous U.S.S. Discovery. Some have questioned what Lorca is hiding, and wondered whether he is the true villain of the piece, despite his status as an authority figure on the side of the supposed good guys.

There has been a lot of crossover between the world of popular culture and Trump’s tumultuous tenure in office: Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis and Alec Baldwin have all publically mocked the incumbent of the Oval Office; also, references to Trump were removed from Kingsman: The Golden Circle; and, oddly, the Internert was quick to point out when one of Trump’s speeches directly quoted a Bane monologue from The Dark Knight Rises.

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And now comes the news that the cast of Star Trek: Discovery wish that Trump would watch their show. This intriguing piece of information came to light in a new article from THRWhile talking about the diversity of the show, Isaacs expressed his desire for Trump to tune in:

"I hope [Trump] puts his phone down for a while and watches the show."

Captain Lorca is ready for action on Star Trek Discovery

Isaacs made this statement at PaleyFest NY, and its sentiments were soon expanded upon by the execs of the show. Co-showrunner Aaron Harberts touched upon the inclusive nature of Discovery, saying, "I'm very proud of all of the diversity on the show. Gender identity, sexual orientation, race and it is really just a representation of what the world is."

Then, executive producer Alex Kurtzman talked about how the 2016 presidential election affected the series:

"The tone of the show actually got stronger in the direction we were already going, because we recognized how important it was for the core message of Trek to be amplified after the election."

Sonequa Martin-Green, who stars in the show as the Vulcan-raised Starfleet employee Michael Burnham, also chimed in, saying this about how the series relates to the current reality of the USA:

"I think right now we're up against insurmountable odds and we're in such a divisive place and it's so volatile and hostile, and I think [Star Trek: Discovery] is a representation of what is possible. We are obviously a picture of hope and I think when you see that you can pull it into your life."

It remains to be seen whether Trump will watch the show. Certainly, it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on Discovery’s image of the future: a diverse time, where the nations of Earth are united under Starfleet, while a war rages against a violent alien race.

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Star Trek: Discovery continues next Sunday with ‘Choose Your Pain’ @8:30pm on CBS All Access.

Source: THR

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