Star Trek: Discovery Trailer - A New Leader is Born

The road back to television hasn't been the smoothest of rides for Star Trek. The long-running science fiction franchise's latest effort to boldly go where no one has gone before is set to launch in the form of the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery. And at long last, the Eye Network has delivered a first look at the upcoming show in the form of a short trailer delivered first to advertisers during the network's 2017 upfront presentation. The results of the preview should leave Trekkers everywhere with plenty to talk about.

The release of a trailer feels like a major milestone for Discovery. The series was supposed to launch earlier this year, but after a string of setbacks, starting with the loss of original showrunner Bryan Fuller, it was delayed time and time again. Now that a fall premiere date has been tentatively settled on by the producers, it seems CBS is finally ready to offer fans a look at what they've been waiting for, and to give potential future All Access subscribers an idea of what their money will buy them – along with The Good Fight, of course.

From the looks of the trailer, it seems as though CBS All Access does indeed have a show viewers might be willing to pay a monthly fee for. The visuals are all very impressive, starting with the environmental effects that the trailer opens up with and running all the way through to Martin-Green's rather hostile encounter to close the surprisingly long first look out. Television has been making terrific strides in the last few years in terms of offering viewers a comparable level of spectacle to what they can get in theaters, and from what CBS has shown here -- which is likely all from the premiere episode -- this may be a strong effort from the network at stepping up its game in terms of the scope of its series. Watching the trailer, it becomes clear why the show was intended to help launch the streaming side of the CBS brand.

Beyond the visuals, however, it's clear Discovery has a strong character in mind with Martin-Green's conflicted Michael Burnham, as well as Michelle Yeoh's Capt. Georgiou. While there's not a lot to go on in terms of everyone's circumstances, even the light details of Burnham's story make for a compelling enough outline, especially as her personal concerns are measured against some very heavy professional ones, as the trailer makes it abundantly clear the Federation will see conflict with the Klingons as a key part of its story line.

All in all, Star Trek: Discovery looks to be an ambitious project for CBS and one that will likely put CBS All Access on the map.

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