Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown

Captain on the Bridge

Even though Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham is effectively the main character, Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Philippa Georgiou also plays a significant role on the show. Much like Sarek, Georgiou seems to be a mentor to the up-and-coming officer, possibly even looking upon her in a motherly manner. The two have served together for seven years, according to Philippa, and she's definitely has a great deal of respect for her and her capabilities, seeing as the captain recommending her for a promotion moments after we meet them.

One of the few characters with more screen time in the trailer, Captain Georgiou looks to be a major player in the first season. Of course, Yeoh’s tenure on the Shenzhou is unclear but should at least continue through the end of this season in some capacity. Even though her vessel appears to be the primary mode of transit, the Discovery will enter into the equation, either due to reassignment, a tragic accident, or destruction by an enemy combatant. However, what happens to Philippa or brings in Jason Isaac’s Captain Lorca is still a mystery, as well as the eventual fate of her kindly Starfleet officer.

The U.S.S. Shenzhou

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown

In spite of its title, the Discovery never shows up during the trailer. Instead, viewers can feast their eyes on several gorgeous shots of Captain Georgiou’s command, the U.S.S. Shenzhou. Similar to a Nebula or Miranda-class starship, it features downward-swept nacelles and a saucer section similar to a Constellation or Excelsior-class vessel. Its design is also reminiscent of the very first Enterprise, the NX-01, which is understandable, considering the uniforms and bridge designs also echoes its predecessor to some degree. One major difference between the Shenzhou and traditional Starfleet vessels is the location of the bridge, which appears to be on the bottom of the saucer section, even though the clip could be shot from a battle bridge or similar tactical area.

In addition to its slickly familiar lines, astute viewers with high-resolution screens can also catch the Shenzhou's call numbers: NCC-1227. Since the Discovery is designated NCC-1031, at least according to the previous teaser, this means the latter is actually could be an older ship – assuming the call signs indicate an ascending progression of construction or christening. Also, as noted in the trailer, the newly introduced vessel carries a full complement of photon torpedoes, armaments Captain Georgiou seems wary of firing without provocation.

Where Is the Discovery?

One of the most pertinent lingering questions from the trailer is: where exactly is the U.S.S. Discovery (and for that matter, Jason Isaacs' Captain Lorca)? Program title aside, the trailer includes absolutely no references to the curious starship, its crew, or its presence in the fleet – much less a visual reference to it. One possible reason for its absence is Discovery's relatively incomplete production. The All Access series only filmed about six episodes before the trailer was released.

There are any number of reasons the self-same ship hasn't shown up, though, including the possibility that its final rendering isn't complete or its lack of presence in the first six episodes. Perhaps Lt. Cmdr. Burnham isn't offered command of the ship until later in the season, which would make her interchange with Captain Georgiou out of chronological order in the trailer, which isn't unheard of. Fans looking for a brand-spanking new look at the U.S.S. Discovery in action may have to wait until the second trailer, although they can zoom in on the official poster, which has a tiny version of the spacecraft streaking towards the sky.

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