20Where's the Spore Drive in the Future?

Star Trek Discovery

The Spore Drive is one of the coolest and most unique elements to Star Trek: Discovery. In addition to the traditional warp drive, the Discovery uses secret technology utilizing exotic fungal spores to access a Mycelial Network: a subspace organic web that permeates the universe. When activated, this means that the Discovery

can leap to any point in the universe instantaneously, making it the fastest ship ever created.

This makes the Discovery well-suited for top-secret missions as this technology is heavily sought after by the Federation's enemies; it would give any civilization a huge edge over others. So, where is it in the future? Even if classified, why not even a whiff of a rumor that such technology existed by the time we got to Picard's era? For whatever reason, this tech vanishes without a trace, just like the Discovery.

Star Trek Discovery
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